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College Education Could Help Children Who Need

Is my bachelor title worth the cost? This was the first thought when I graduated from university back in 2014. I imagined that having a prosperous job, working in a big company, or even being a manager are the true achievements after someone finishes her college life. I remember when my lecture said during the class, “You should learn this theory, and that, so it would be useful in working environment right after you graduate”. It was obviously a logic statement for me as a student. Most of the people think the fee, the thousand hours, and the subjects you spent in college would benefit your career, later in the future. Because we know that people actually pursue their further education for better financial goals.

My mind about college education and its worthiness opened widely when I started join volunteering community. I have been a teacher for those vulnerable children who have problem with their education. They can't attend their school because of financial problem, they hard to write properly, they have no time to study because they need to work, and many reasons that make them need proper education. I was even shocked when they are so happy just by attending the class which we conduct every Sunday. In the other hand, sometimes i feel so lazy to attend the class when i was in college.

Although this may be true, implementing what we received in college to professional field is the only way to make our education is worth spending, yet giving it to people who need is way more beneficial. I am not only having a self satisfaction, but my life is more useful. Although the subject that I teach to the children is not the same with what I learned in the college, I enjoy it so much.

My parents once told me, knowledge would not mean anything if we do not share it to people. We can’t keep it by ourselves. Even in my county, all college students should have a high education principles which are; achieving education, conducting research, and dedicating our self to society.

So, in my opinion, achieving both social and professional achievement is the definition of worthy education.