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My generation is light years ahead

In India where growth has been faster in the last 20 years than it's entire history of being a nation, the generation gap between me and my parents is really wide.

My parents were raised in a very conservative society and still believe in values like arranged marriage, something that would baffle most people living in more developed places.

Being a millennial, I grew up exposed to a widely 'western world' . My favorite TV show as a middle school kid was friends. The concept of the show and what went down into the lives of twenty-somethings in New York would prompt a hospital visit for my mother for uncontrollable dizziness and fainting.

I taught my father how to double click when he was forty years old. By that time, I was listening to Carlin, air-guitaring to Greenday and looking to get the longest killstreak in Call of Duty with my friends. All these things were considered 'evil' and I was closely monitored and had to lead two separate lives, just for their comfort.

I feel like a wildly different person from my conservative parents who actually are considered pretty modern people. My parents are extremely religious but I am an atheist. I have to be a secret atheist because atheism is not accepted in my house. It starts from there and my influences go on to affect every aspect of my life putting me on the far end of the spectrum from my parents.

My life would be very different from what they have led. I feel I'm more open and ready to experience new things. I accept new ideas and have a much broader perspective which because of globalization open up a variety of opportunities for me professionally and personally.