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Work with Action, Pursue with a Burning Passion

I am Michael Reyes, 18 years old, and my dream job is to become the CEO and the founder of a corporation that can compete with the world’s leading technological companies like Facebook, Google, Apple and Microsoft. This has been my dream since I started admiring their contributions in technology when I was a kid. Their inventions had contributed in creating breakthroughs and revolutionary advancements in technology and also in simplifying our daily tasks. Their brilliant creations helped not only millions but billions of people worldwide, and that’s why, I am determined to fulfill this dream not for the fame or popularity but to help other people. Using my ideas, I plan to create my own inventions in order to help many people. I am always using many inventions and gadgets developed by other people and I can say that until now I am still astonished on how these ideas can be very helpful in solving specific problems of people and in making their lives simpler.

There are challenges that I face in making my dream job possible. The very first hindrance in achieving my dream is the financial problem. With my current financial situation, I am barely making it in terms of paying the required reasonable tuition fees and almost not having the additional expensive resources in studying. Another challenge is the need of mentoring support from experienced technopreneurs and the fear of failing due to my inability to rationalize things that I need in order to fulfill my dream. But I am confident that I will not falter in attaining my dream job due to these difficulties. I can fulfill my whole-hearted purpose of helping other people through my ideas and inventions someday because my passion of helping them will not burn out and will always be here inside me.

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