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The times they are a changin- and for good

Last Sunday, my father called to ask what PayTM is, waking me up from deep slumber. Before I could ask if I could call back later, he cursed the digital age saying he never had to even use a debit card until the time I was born. After apologising on behalf of my generation and the advance of technology in general, I explained how PayTM is a mobile application that allows for cashless transactions after you sync it with your bank account.

The fact that my father and his generation were limited to strictly cash-based transactions is in itself in sharp contrast with what we see today in a majority of payments made everyday. This gives us a fair picture of the direction we're slowly moving in. Inclusion of technology in our lives is only going to increase. In the next couple of decades, the world will be more connected than it ever has been, more transparent in its practices and less dependent on humans- all because of technology.

Along with the change in lifestyle that the advance of technology is likely to force, priorities of a growing population will also change owing to rapid depletion of natural resources. Most of the kinds of animals our parents grew up with or knowing about will feature in lists of extinct animals, as our current habits are making forests disappear faster than ever. We already see real estate advertisements claiming superiority by allowing space for a lawn or a verandah outside the house, effectively selling air to people, a natural resource that one would think is their right to own.

Climate change, which has also already shown its destructive potential and something our parents did not have to worry much about, will lead to massive migrations of people across continents and result in a shift in policy-making to accommodate for greener practices. Most of all, unlike our parents, we will have a responsibility to ensure the planet sees another generation of humans.