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Backward in the days of development

Every generation is expected to be better off than the previous generation.. Taking into consideration the scientific inventions, urban developments and technological advancements of the 21st century, it is sad to see the millennial population (15-24 years of age) in India be in such bad condition compared to their parents’ generation.

Resolution Foundation, a UK-based think-tank organisation, came out with studies that showed that within a decade, nine out of 10 Britons on modest incomes under the age of 35 will not be able to afford a home. Comparing that research to the situation of millennials in the urban cities in India, the facts are largely true for here, too.

Twenty percent of youngsters in India between age 15-24 are unemployed and 18 percent of the 25-29 age-group are jobless, according to the Census 2011.

During my parents’ days, there was less competition in the career arena. They did not have the know-all that Google provides. Despite being an ardent reader, I lack a good memory, unlike theirs, of which one of the factors is simply the existence of the Internet.

My life is different from my parents’ because I belong to a generation that is caught up between the old school values of the 90s and, simultaneously, modern trends. We are expected to perform better in studies, work, peer circles and extra-curricular activities, but society fails to realise that putting one under constant pressure will eventually hinder their progress. This sociological factor was absent during my mother and father’s days.

Small things brought great happiness to the older generations. We millennials crave more success. They had playgrounds and a lot of free time to spend outdoors, whereas we are today burdened with grades (I am a better person today if I score an A or B+) and we are judged according to our performance. On top of it, there are the stacks of textbooks which keep reminding us that if we master them, we master the skill.

Hence, I feel that my generation is not much better off than our parents.