Poorbita Bagchi

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Tangled in the Web

Out of the many different factors shaping society and people's lives over time, I feel the most influential has been technology. Technological progress has been transforming societies in unprecedented ways. What my parents thought was science fiction in their childhood, has probably been the most natural thing in mine, especially in the last three decades, when technological progress has seen its highest rate of growth.

Now we have access to information our parents could never think of. We have careers that didn't exist until recently. We have the option of visiting the remotest places at increasingly cheaper costs. These, and much more, are making our lives simpler, spoilt for choice and fast. We have better healthcare facilities, better and faster ways of communication at near-zero cost and it seems like the world has indeed become a smaller place. This is shaping our lives differently, every passing year. Our generation is living the most rapid transformation of society since the Industrial Revolution. Only this time, it's happening simultaneously across the globe.

My parents could not have imagined spending 5 lakhs (about $7,368 USD) for a professional education course that might or might not fetch a job. I have the luxury of studying if I want, but my parents had to start earning for themselves at a very young age, look after their parents and think about starting a family. I can study, work, roam around the world and do whatever I please. I am not bound by the shackles of the limited ideas of the world that they had during their times. Even though life was intense for them, it was simpler then than it is now. With increasing connectivity making the world tinier, professional competition now has reached unprecedented heights. One cannot be mediocre because the world will be there pointing fingers and laughing. This need to be the best drives us millennials to places we sometimes regret!

Our lives will definitely be different from our parents'. The calculated steps that they took, we don't. Although we are bound by a routine, we have many more options to explore. As Mikey McCleary said ,"The world is our playground ... and we're changing every day."