Lucille Ariola

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You Can Do It When You Dream It

My name is Lucille Mae S. Ariola, Electronics Engineering student at Technological Institute of the Philippines-Manila. I came from the province of San Jose, Occidental Mindoro, Philippines and my family depends only in agricultural products (rice crops). They can’t afford to send me in school that’s why my auntie helps me pursue my studies in college. For me this is a challenge to be motivated and be productive in attaining my dreams. My dream job is to build my own business to design and manage my own stuff pertaining to electronics. I was really amazed in technology and other gadgets that others have. I really like to discover new things and experience incredible things. Robotics interest me when I watch about it on the television. I was wondering how machines were created to do the same thing a true person does. When these things came out, I imagined what if I will do the same thing and more than what they did. I will make my own company and build these interesting things. A company that will open many job opportunities to those qualified workers in the Philippines. When this business becomes profitable, it will contribute and help jobless persons and will give the chance to be part of my electronics business. Given the opportunity to help is a privilege and accomplishment for me. That’s why I want this dream job to happen. The things that stop me to attain this dream job are the lack of capital that I will be using in building this kind of business. It is also important to plan where can I invest and locate this in the Philippines so that it can help many people. I will also need partners who will help me to make this dream come true.

Lucille Ariola Manila, Manila Fővárosi Régió, Metro Manila, Philippines