Levy Mbewe


Education is a big thing in today’s generation, some call it the key to unlock rusty doors, some describe it as the solution to end family problems and tribulations, in employment circles, it’s a passport to prove your worthiness, but to all this college is one biggest thing that one has to purse and theoretically prove their what we term as professionals.

Getting to the reality of my life, college life in my country is determined by several factors, the following are some of the;

1. Pursue a career to find you a Job as fast as you can even if you don’t like it,

2. Parent influencing you to do a course of their choice,

3. Economic stability in a home setup as there is no money to help you become the computer engineer you have always wanted to be.

In simple terms my college education has not paid off to what I have always wanted to be, I once pursed a Procurement course that has not brought the indeed satisfactions and cravings of my dream, I count the cost of time that I have invested in my college education and at some point it’s hard to recover the time I have lost, they say “time lost is never recovered”, its true but the work on the dream would go and on, time would have been the most important resource into investing into a career that never paid or not paying off to the necessities of life but satisfaction is of our desires.

On the other hand, resources such as financial investment into college life is what we all look for to recover when we have stable jobs after college, but does it all go in the way we plan? Certainty to probabilities is what each one of us look up to and our effort to pay back for all that we had put in, mostly our education way of life is dependent on the people who have invested, there no room for failing if let’s for instance parents are sponsoring you, by all mean their investment must yield keeping them in their old age as they have lifted you to all different stage of life in a way.

In all this life is not as constant for uniform for each one of us, it’s dynamic and not static, what happened yesterday is not bound to happen as same to what will happen now and days to come, we are shaped into the real state of our lives by the challenges we go through and decisions we make to find solutions, college life costs have not paid off in a way that I have always wanted, it’s like a whole different dimension of difficulties, someone once said “The higher you go the cooler it becomes”, on the other hand the higher you go in college life has been the hardest of my life to make through up to the end, but in all this I have learnt powerful qualities that define me, I am persistent, courageous, and positive mind, my strongest character is brought to light in the midst of thorn indeed.

Levy Mbewe Kitwe, Copperbelt Province, Zambia