Edwige Sabanko

Image for My future job is to empower african women

My future job is to empower african women

Acting to live in a well being will influenced and make people famous through leading,helping,coaching and serving others in order to inspire the next generation. For about five years I spent in University of Lomé, I am passionate to promote women equity in my community. I am committed with my activities in my country, in Lomé as mentor of other young women by counseling them to work hard to continue their education for their empowerment and the development of our nation

My future plans

I am SABANKO Homgouyeda,a young Togolese lady of 25 years old passionate by leadership and entrepreneurship. Currently student at the University of Lome,at the English department,my dream is to become a great entrepreneur in Africa and for the rest of the world.My vision is to make sure that every Togolese girl who attends school should become a leader in order to participate actively to the development of her community. So I am hoping to create a social enterprise working with capable women and supporting women to get education through sensitization,mentoring, scholarship and leadership activities.

As a young lady it was difficult for me to complete my studies because of financial means and the social context in my country where young ladies were not allowed to go far away in studies because of our patriarchal society. But thanks to the Karren Waid scholarship program from 2003 to 2011 and the NGO Pathways Togo that gave me a scholarship, a mentor and made me a great leader from 2012 to 2014. Through our annual conferences and many leadership activities I built up my capacities as a leader and now I can say proudly that I am a accomplish leader ready to bring solutions to problems in my community. The reason why I was recently selected to take part in the Young African Leaders Initiative (cohort 3) program in the west Africa Regional Leadership Center in Accra(Ghana) where I met 104 young leaders from others west african country who shared their experience with me.

I am now creating a platform of Pathways Togo Alumnus in order for us as young leader to decide on what we can give back to our society which is the main aim of an ethical leader. Through this platform many activities such as mentoring, coaching, leadership training, sensitization, awards and scholarship programs will be set up in order to empower women education in our country and later on in Africa.our vision is to complete women emancipation in Africa.