Ajay Levantino

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Hybrid Smart Street Lights Engineer

I’m Angelo James Levantino, an Electronics Engineering student from the Technological Institute of the Philippines- Manila. My dream job is to help my fellow Filipino people in rural areas to meet their electrical needs by developing hybrid smart street lights using renewable sources of Solar Energy, Wind Energy and Thermo-electric Effect. It has a wireless sensors to save energy that will only light up if there is a presence of a person, animal, car or detects a motion and it will remain dim if there is no presence . This will help people in some remote barangays who have no power lines and are only using diesel generators to power their homes. There are many remote towns and roads in our country with no street lights. This can endanger the lives of drivers, travelers and people trying to cross the streets. Accidents can happen when drivers are being blinded because of the high-beam lights from the other car in the opposite lane. I want to address this electricity poverty in some of our roads through my hybrid smart street lights. The main challenge that is before me is the lack of funding. I can design a proof of concept but I lack financial resources to really build many and install them. Secondly, I need a team to help me. Then I will need the support of the government to be able to deploy my street lights. Through my grit and determination, I know I can overcome these fulfill this dream of having my hybrid street lights illuminate the dark places towards safer roads the remote parts of my country.

Ajay Levantino Conception, Romblon, Mimaropa, Philippines