What is your dream job in science or technology?

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Chemist? Web developer? Mad scientist? Astronaut?

Tell us about your dream job. Is anything standing in the way? Or, if you already have your dream job, tell us about your journey to get it.




“When life gives you lemon, make lemonade”.

Getting settled with life leading to a career is a dream that everyone has and hoping to come true one day, most of us are so enthusiastic about making a reality out of our imagination.

A very good example is each and every child’s pronouncement to become a medical doctor, Nurse, Police Officer or a Fiction soldier from a blockbuster movie among other things.

Getting to see both sides of coin at the same time is seemingly an impossibility that we all wish one day can come true.

I had always desired to be an Information Technology specialist, what was in my head each morning I stood in front of the mirror was, “Behold the world is eagerly waiting for the appearance of a computer genius” and someone humanity can rely on.

I had ideas of making a living out of it, I thought well in the lines of Bill Gates and Steven Jobs (May His Soul Rest in Peace), their work inspired me to purse Information Systems and Programming.

Without realizing it, my zeal of becoming the reality of my imagination was the opposite of what my mother imagined.

My fantasy of becoming my dream was deformed into the hands of respecting my mother’s decision for my fate, she objectively suggested that I study Charted Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS), a career that has its primary objective of teaching learners how to basically ‘buy’ on behalf of the organization.

On the very first day in class at a named local college, I reported for the first morning lecture, I hardly understood a thing. Looking at the lecturer in the space of the classroom and trying to pay attention to him was so hard for me, I tried to force myself to awaken my concentration, but my head was as hard as a mine rock.

A month later I was awakened to currency exchange for the first time. This is because the course is an international United Kingdom based curriculum and by then the economy was on its way to making the standard of living expensive hence £72 per 5 subjects was a lot of money. I therefore wrote 2 subjects which were tooth and nail.

Two years later it was interesting pursing the business course, nevertheless there was no satisfaction deep in me, the means to manage my studies financially were shortfall at particular stages, it was a miracle making it to school on a daily basis because I would walk in the burning sun each and every day to college of which it was very far from my community.

This is an experience that taught me perseverance and a firm character of not easily giving up on my dream.

It was a turnaround for my life when I found a job with an organization that opened door to my long desired career. Coaching and facilitating the technology session in sciences and mathematics to the youth is not only a job to me but a purpose fulfilled to give back to the community.

The job opportunity has revived a dream that was shuttered, the money I am earning is helping me save so as to finally follow the fate of my career (Information Systems and Programming).

The right man for the Job is not a man with degrees and PHDs but a man with passion to make a living out of a growing interest.

I strongly believe that all things are possible with determination, there is nothing powerful as a positive changed mind, all things begin within and the resultant force is what is manifested to the world out there.

My life is like a big Mary go round, going in circles and getting to where you are is what I do each and every day that passes. My Job and career is a craving of my present future.

-By Levy Mbewe-

Levite Kalundu, Lusaka, Lusaka Province, 10101, Zambia
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My history and my dream job

Well I’m going to talk about my life and many things that I did before, and what I do now and also what would I want to do in my life. So let’s begin, my name is Byron Leonel Mucur Pec or Leo, as my friends would call me. I’m 20 years old, I was born on September 11th in 1996 in my little town in Santiago Sacatepequez, to be specific 35 km away from Guatemala city. I live with my parents, my dad and my mom’s names are: Catarino Mucur, Maria Francisca Pec. I also have a brother and three sisters, and I’m the oldest in my family. So I started my studies in a small school in my town, thankfully I didn’t fail elementary school in my childhood. My parents motivated me to do something in life to be an important person, a very important thing they did was that they grounded me when growing up because they told me that I needed to learn from my mistakes, because later, I was going to see how important life is, and how they taught good values to me. My parents my grandparents, school teachers, and my dad have practiced sports since 1994 and he taught some sports to me, at first I didn’t like it but now I enjoy it, I would stand out in that sport so I could be at the national games held in Izabal july 27th in 2007, so I prepared myself as much as I could to make my own history. Thank God I was able to get what I wanted. I finished elementary school, thankfully my parents had the idea to continue supporting me. They told me to keep studying, So I finished 7th 8th and 9th grade and I studied in the 4 pinos foundation, and also I didn’t fail any grades either and my parents continued supporting me. I decided to study in a career and help my parents, I love them very much, at first when I started, everything was normal, unfortunately there are always moments in life, when you least expect it, something terrible arrives. That was my case, unfortunately I had to get surgery because of my appendix, that was on February 28th in 2013, for me it was very hard to accept it, but I knew that God had a reason for that, then years passed and I graduated as a technical drawer in 2014. In 2015 I wanted to continue in the university but unfortunately, there weren’t many options at that time.

My parents are farmers and I was looking for opportunities in 4 pinos so I could help them, this institution is one of the most popular in Guatemala because it helps farmers. It also sells vegetables to sell around all around the word, and it is a foundation called Juan Francisco Garcia Campariny. They work with Telus, that is one of the most important and famous call centers across Guatemala, and I decided to learned English it so now I’m in that course, and I knew that sometimes it was difficult but I like it and that’s why I’m giving my best effort, so because of that I hope to be an important person and I would like to study at the university because it is one of my dreams, and also work and be part of the Telus family and that is my dream, I hope this comes true and of course I will be happier than ever.

Leonel Chisec, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala

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