What is your dream job in the media?

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Journalist? Filmmaker? Advertising? Social media?

Tell us about your dream job. Is anything standing in the way? Or, if you already have your dream job, tell us about your journey to get it.


Image for Telling the Stories of Filipinos Through Documentary Films

Telling the Stories of Filipinos Through Documentary Films

I am Adriene Cabalinan, 24 years old, and my dream job is to travel around the Philippines to document amazing and inspiring untold srories of my countrymen through film.

This has been my dream since the first documentary film I have watched in National Geographic Channel when I was just 12 years old, the Natgeo team visited tribes in Africa and filmed their cultures. While watching that documentary, I vowed to myself that one day I would do the same in my country. And I did, I had my first job as a researcher of the most awarded TV documentary program in my country. I experienced going around the country to film noteworthy stories, about the struggles and hardships of Filipino people to survive, and some stories to inspire. In one of the stories we've covered, I have seen how a 11-year old kid from the Manobo tribe in Davao del Norte cuts down trees from the mountains, cuts them into logs, carries the heavy freshly cut logs on their shoulders for almost 2 hours to get to the road, and there they will wait for the buyer to pick up the logs and get paid a very little amount out of all those hardwork. Stories like those deserve to be told to the rest of the world and given attention to. Stories like those I believe should be the ones given emphasis by the government and the general viewing public. Documentary films can be that powerful medium to achieve just that.

The whole time I was with the documentary team was a wonderful time, I was living my dream. But doing just that and not think of my finances was the difficult part. The wages I was getting from that job was not enough to support me and my family's needs. Being compensated very low was the biggest hindrance in continuing my dream job, aside from the really short airtime alloted for our film to be shown in national telivision. Sometimes it is difficult to compress a story into the required running time just to satisfy the mandate of TV, but that's just how it is for television.

These two reasons kept me from pursuing my dream job. For practical reasons, I had to work for a private corporation now that offers a much better salary, which helps my family a lot. But my passion for documentary filmmaking is still burning wildly inside of me, and I am worried that one day this fire would slowly die down because I will fail to continue fuelling it.

But I am not losing hope, I have longed for this job sonce I was 12, and somehow I achieved it. But some unavoidable reasons lead me away from my dream job, but I believe the same passion will lead me back to documentary filmmaking and exhibit stories worth watching.

Adriene Cabalinan Conception, Romblon, Mimaropa, Philippines


My name is Mercy Muwaneyi, I was born in kalabo district, a rural town of Western Province of Zambia.

Despite being brought up in a pessimistic environment, I have always believed in my abilities to achieve great things and strive to build a positive attitude.

Each time I am faced with an opportunity of choosing between a tough and simple assignment, I always go for a tough one because it is only tough situation which would make one stretch their potential.

My childhood dream has been to become a journalist, this is because I have got a passion for journalism and it is this passion that will enable me to love the profession dearly and do it to the best of my ability.

I believe that my call to journalism is to serve people as opposed to prioritizing money, serving the general public is my number one priority, money and other things would come later.

I want to be a journalist because I know that I can add value to the profession by being an effective communicator, to keep the public informed about various topics.

Over the years I have been working hard at school so as to have good results that will make me be accepted to study journalism.

I also emulate successful journalist by practicing what they do while on television. I practice this at Prime television where I am already part of the youth group which produces a programme called “YOUTH UNLEASHED” the aim of the programme is to give a platform for the youth to unlock their potential.

I have also moved a step further by being part of the Children International Zambia’s community youth reporters programme, here we are being empowered with media skills thereby reporting on various issues faced in our respective communities among other things.

I believe that giving up a career which is very dear to me is as good as shooting myself on the foot. That is why I will not tolerate anything standing in my way.

I believe that the greatest enemy or opponent I might face in this battle is myself, that’s if I allow self-defeat.

My working hard, having a positive attitude regardless of any circumstances and perseverance makes me confident of becoming a Journalist I want to be.




Like anybody else has dreams, as a young lady I also have a lot of dreams but most importantly that of studying Mass Communication.

Ruth Nyambe is my name, I am 18 years old and I live in Lusaka Zambia .As a young child, seeing journalists on television made my heart beat and glued to the screen to see how the programmes were run, this made me realize the interest I had in journalist.

Most young people have dream careers because of peer pressure but as for me, I have a lot of reasons as to why I chose Mass Communication as a dream career.

I have come to appreciate the role the media plays in society, that of educating, entertaining and informing, I want to be among the people to keep the masses well informed about what is going on around them, for I know that an accurate story leads to a well-informed nation and world at large.

Through this career, I want to be the voice for the members of the public regardless of their status in society as well as reveal the hidden truth of national interest.

In my community, a lot of girls have given up on their dreams due to various reasons like early marriages and peer pressure, this makes me want to stand out with my education and later inspire young people who will then be growing up to be leaders of tomorrow.

I successfully completed my high school with the help of Children International Zambia, the agency provided for my academic needs. I now dream of studying at the University of Zambia or any other university outside the country.

I live in a single parent household, I am a single orphan, my mother does not work making it difficult to cater for my tertiary education as she is still struggling to provide academic needs for my siblings.

This has made it difficult for me to apply to higher learning institutions despite having good qualifications.

I am in a life challenging situation, but given an opportunity to study at high learning institution, I can make use of it as it would be a life changing opportunity.

I want to be a living testimony that drams can come true. Through mass communication I want to be the change I wish to see in my community, country and world at large.


Ntipa og chola Kalundu, Lusaka, Lusaka Province, 10101, Zambia


My name is Brilliant Muyunda, I am 17 year years old. Journalism is my career of interest.

It all stated during my school life as I had opportunities to confidently speak in public without fail, for example, giving a speech during a school assembly.

Having had a privileged to be part of the Children International Zambia’s community youth reporter’s programme has also enhanced my interest for journalism.

My passion for the media keeps on growing each day, following the experiences we have had under the community youth reporters programme, I have learned to trust in my capabilities because I once managed to broadcast live on one of the community radio stations in Lusaka Zambia during International Children’s day of broadcasting.

While at the media institution, I learned a number of things that I know are steps ahead towards me becoming a journalist.

I do happen to picture myself on Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) bringing out issues of human interest and also making relevant authorities address various challenges faced in the country through news stories.

The community I live in however is one of the challenges I have encountered as people around always express negative views upon seeing someone working towards making it big in life.

Most of the people in my community are seemingly content with the poor living conditions and have lost hope for a better life, on the other hand, I am determined to make a difference through working towards achieving my goals regardless of my environment.

The thought of financial constraints from my parents stands as a challenge too, I am currently looking for a job to help me save for my tertiary education of which the exercise has not been fruitful so far.

My parents are suggesting that I study teaching which they think would be more affordable but my passion for journalism still stands because I know that if my journalism dream gets shuttered, teaching will not bring satisfaction in my life time.

muyunda brilliant Kalundu, Lusaka, Lusaka Province, 10101, Zambia


I want to become a writer and a filmmaker.

Ten years ago, I set my dreams aside because I jumped into the idea of " money - first " and went into the call center job.I did not have grit at that time and believed stories of shabbiness in media, that I would not earn enough money as a new hire and to get in, you should know someone to let you in.

I had felt the need to help my family right away and I thought of having a job than to pursue my passion.Even before my college graduation, I had made up my mind and decided where I was going.I was itching to give my first salary to my mother and got my first job as an outbound telemarketer. I circled around in the BPO for almost 10 years and I got promotions along the way. I always believe that "love is a choice" and I chose to love my work and I made sense with all the things I accomplished.At present, I keep on expanding and searching for joys with what life has to offer outside my workplace.I got married two months ago and found out that I am five weeks pregnant.Truth, never did I expect the great happiness on this phase of my life.I never thought of a dream man, dream wedding, dream house with kids and dream life as mother or a wife.All I dreamt was to become a traveller - writer , a vagabond- filmmaker.Once again, I am ready to settle in a home where my reality is -- as a wife and soon to be a mother.

Yet, i asked myself , " Is it not possible for my dream and reality to collide" -- a wife - writer and mother - filmmaker? I got my answers, thus I took my pen and started to slide it while I was happily watching my husband in the kitchen.

Leny Conception, Romblon, Mimaropa, Philippines
Image for Reaching Out Via The Power Of A Pen

Reaching Out Via The Power Of A Pen

I may not have the means of helping but writing is one way of reaching out and comforting people in various situations.

I started writing at the age of ten, being among friends with the same writing talent, I eventually became keen on writing poems including motivational notes.

I have written songs and composed my own tunes, among the songs I have composed so far include “you are the light” which has been performed by the Children International Zambia’s choir on several occasions.

I also wrote “We are one “with the help of my friends. It was a dedication to the victims of Xenophobia.

Since then, I have been dreaming of publishing a book one day, with this aspiration, I am in the process of writing a book titled “LIFE IS A JOURNEY “I am determined to finish this book no matter how long it takes.

I would love to write motivational books, Books to encourage the young, the old, Boys and Girls. To make them realize that life is a journey and that it will only take one step and their destiny is made.

I also want to write about the community I live in, challenges it faces, how magically people manage to survive despite encountering many problems in terms of providing basic needs to extended families.

I feel writing is one of the ways that enable one to have the freedom of expression. I believe writing is a way of helping people understand that while on this journey, whatever obstructions that come our way, moving on is what we should do.

Looking at the state of my community, it is difficult to find one to inspire me, hence the great challenge is not having a chance to talk to great writers and get inspired by how they have made it to their success stories in writing.

By Sara M.Chiteta


Sarah CH Kalundu, Lusaka, Lusaka Province, 10101, Zambia

Eat, Pray, Write

There are two things I enjoy the most - that is writing and eating. Ever since I was young, I enjoy writing short stories. I like to make people laugh and cry with every stories that I make. I keep a blog wherein I write how I feel and what my thoughts are. Even if there is no internet or computer, just give me a pen and paper and I will write down the story inside my mind.

Food, on the other hand, is something that is very important to me. It is something I turn to with every emotions I feel - whenever I'm sad, happy, disappointed, stressed, or accomplished. I feel that in every country, city or province, there is special way they prepare what they eat. There are so many traditional food that I would like to taste and try out, and some of them may soon be gone because it may not be passed down to the next generation.

My dream job is to combine these two things I love. I would want to try out all the food around the world, write about it and share it to everyone. I want to be able to preserve the culture and tradition, and ensure that the next generation would have a taste of the traditional food that we have, especially in our country.

Sadly, due to my work, lack of time and budget to do this, I'm not able to start with what I want to do. Even if I do have the time and funds, I'm not sure where to start, and I don't know who the right person to approach to. Aside from that, I'm not too confident of myself, as I am too shy to ask people. Hopefully, I could be more confident so Icould start on what I want to do.

celestialetude Manila, Manila Fővárosi Régió, Metro Manila, Philippines
Image for Filmmaking (producing, directing, scriptwriting)

Filmmaking (producing, directing, scriptwriting)

I am a highly motivated school leaver with a raw passion for story telling. I am infact a writer and I love nothing more than to write and watch my words come to life. I aspire greatly to be a film maker one day.

I have always been a writer, but I fell in love with scriptwriting when I was 17 and doing my grade 11 in 2010. I was a part of a drama club called 'Mzansi slash' at school. At first I had joined the club as an actor but as time went by I applied and volunteered to do the writing for them because, well I wasn't really cutting it as an actor. I was more interest in the behind the scenes and technical part of it. I didn't know much about scriptwriting but the producer and the rest of the team were wonderful, they took me through the whole process and I loved it. Sadly, the club fell apart because the leaders were mostly matric students so when they graduated, there was nobody to take care of the club. We all went our separate, having learned a lot about the film and tv industry though. A year later I also passed my matric and left the school. I had never stopped writing. I hoped and dreamed that the group would one day come together again and pick up where we had left off. But those were just hopes and dreams as it never happened.

I hoped to pursue a career in film and television after matric. My family wouldn't hear any of it. For 3 years after matric I went up and down trying to please my family. They wanted me in the health sciences, my father especially. It was one regret letter after the next. Any acceptance letter came with a regret letter from the financial assistance people. My family couldn't afford to pay my fees, and the NSFAS always rejected me. It was one emotional roller coaster.

It was only in 2015 that I decided to actually follow my dreams and move away from the dreams of my family. I applied to the Tshwane University Of Technology to study for a diploma in film and television production. I was excited when I was invited for an interview in August, which I attended and believed I had aced . Unfortunately I was rejected without an explanation. That hurt a lot but I never gave up. In january I tried again with Boston Media house, and I applied for a Mo Flava bursary. Yet again another disappointment. I didn't get in due to the fact that I couldn't afford it. I had to come to terms with the fact that I wasn't going to be studying this year. It would be my fourth year at home, unemployed. I promised myself I would try again next year and I intend on keeping that promise. In the mean time I am writing writing and writing. I have also applied to a film and television production learnership at e.tv. I am going to do whatever it takes to achieve my goals and pursue a career in film and tv because I honestly cannot imagine myself doing anything else.

My journey to reaching my dream.

Hi, My name is Zeanna. My friends call me Alex. I have a lot of dream just like other young adults do. Whats standing in my way? Maybe time? Financial stability?Lack of Opportunities in my country?

At the age of 18 I had to start working without finishing college because of it only being me and my mom. My mom had a stroke back in 2010 which left half of her body paralyzed. When that happened my world crashed big time that time I was still a high school student who solely depends on here financially and emotionally. That moment in the hospital I knew it, I had to wake up, I had to do something. Who am I gonna run to when I'm sick? Who's gonna take care of me ? How about money? Where am I gonna get it? How am i gonna live? All of these questions were circulating through my head that time. But all i knew was one thing, I was alone and I had to get on my feet and do something.

I finished High school with the help of my aunt but what she sends are barely even enough to cover my moms medicine,our daily needs and everything so i knew I had to get a job.

I applied for several fast food chains and "small" sidewalk stores but unfortunately I didn't get hired, I was really losing hope that time, I'd cry every night I even thought that I couldn't even sell my body cause I was too fat HAHAHA. It's funny when I remember the things going through my mind back then.

Then one day I thought of applying for a CSR position in a BPO company. I am very confident with my English proficiency as my mom was a CSR before. I tried for the first time. Shaking and nervous but I got the job.

Fast forward ive been in the BPO industry for quite sometime now and belive it I got my Dream Job. I am now an HR recruiter in one of the biggest BPOs in The Philippines. I got my dream job. But to be honest with you the salary i'm getting here is not as big as other offers. Whats stopping me from switching to another company? Is the culture here, these people I work with are my family I could never imagine leaving them. But when i look at reality what I'm getting here is really not enough for me to suffice all me and my mothers needs. What I want next? I want to build my career I know I'm not ready for a promotion yet and im not demanding it. I just want to be ready, I want to have the confidence to handle a team, to fight for whats right, or to put up a small business, to help other people in my neighborhood , to share my story that even if your alone if you try hard you WILL get what you want. I wanna share this with everyone. Thank you for giving me a chance to speak up and to give youth

Zeanna Smith Conception, Romblon, Mimaropa, Philippines

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