What is your dream job in the media?

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Darell Sarcilla: Your future photographer

I'm Darell, taking up a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Information Technology.

Aside from being a professional computer programmer, I want to be a videographer and photographer. Yes, it is too far from the course I'm taking now but, I really love taking videos and photos. I want to know how photographers capture amazing photos and how videographers are able to tell stories through their videos.

One day, I heard about Children International’s program called Community Youth Reporter (CYR), I joined the program because they offer basic journalism that I know would help me achieve my dreams.

Now that I'm one of the members of the CYR program, I’m glad that I’m able to do my job well. I really appreciate the lessons that I’ve learned and the lessons that I have yet to learn. I applied it in every video and photo that we created. Hoping that someday, it may inspire whoever watches them.

Community Youth Reporter Program Quezon City · Quezon City, Manila Fővárosi Régió, Metro Manila, Philippines
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What is your dream job in the media?

Journalist? Filmmaker? Advertising? Social media? Tell us about your dream job. Is anything standing in the way? Or, if you already have your dream job, tell us about your journey to get it.

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