What is your dream job in the media?

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Wykha Bernabe: Your future writer

Heart. Hands. Eyes. Feet. Face.

We could go a whole night enumerating all parts we are collaged in.

The outer. The inner. The tendons. The muscles. The veins.

Arteries. Capillaries. Tissues. Everything.

And we believe these are the only things we are made up of.

But no, we're more than this human framework we are in. For we are a canvass. A paper. A book.

A story. Each one of us is a story.

We are made up of words. Every ounce of blood that streams in every vein is a letter. Each neuron that stimulates another is a phrase. Every pump the heart makes is a sentence.

There is a world behind the retina of our eyes. There are dreams between the tips of our fingers. There are sounds that this planet has never heard, carefully tucked inside our earlobes.

We are an entire universe. More than a thousand paged novel. We just don't get written.

We keep everything in. There is the usual silence. But this I tell you, that this does not justify loss. They're reserved, waiting to get laid on paper. Waiting to be told. Waiting to get heard.

They are in those eyes, living and speaking.

And I want to be the potter of their story. The writer of their words.

I want to make their stories come to life. I want every phrase underneath their skin-- to unravel.

I want to make the world see galaxies out of glances. That they are no drizzle. They’re an outpour of rain, pain, longing, suffering.

They're not just plain hands; but the unfolding of dreams between palms.

Not just pretty faces; but beautiful souls.

Not just bare feet; they are the length of roads.

I wanted poetry to leak out of their cheeks. To make verses out of tears. Lines out of bleeding.

Rhymes out of memories.

For each one is a poem. A kept story.

They do not deserve to look blank.

They are meant to get inked.

They are meant to get written.

Community Youth Reporter Program Quezon City · Quezon City, Manila Fővárosi Régió, Metro Manila, Philippines
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What is your dream job in the media?

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