What is your dream job in health or medicine?

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Nurse? Doctor? Physical therapist? Acupuncturist?

Tell us about your dream job. Is anything standing in the way? Or, if you already have your dream job, tell us about your journey to get it.




My name is Ntipa Chola, I am 17 years old and just completed my senior education.

I have always thought of helping people in any way possible, while at school, I always enjoyed math and Biology, the subjects contributed to me picturing my self-working as a surgical doctor.

The compassion I feel when I see someone in a bad state builds up my passion for this career.

During my time in school, I served as an Aider for 3 years in the Red Cross club, it was in this club where I learned how to treat casualties with different cases.

During my journey to fulfill the dream, I have encountered a lot of challenges like funds to carter for my academics, my parents are unable to pay and afford the requirements. I have siblings who go to school but my parents face challenges in paying the fees.

Because of that, I face a lot of negative encouragement from a lot of people claiming that I am just wasting my time.

Thinking of changing my career is the advice I am getting from everyone, an alternative offered is that of being a police man of which is the opposite of everything that describes me.

Life is becoming tuff after finishing school as it is hard to find a job to help me save for my university costs, the levels of unemployment are overwhelming, while on the other hand, few companies offering employment are looking for people with experience which I am yet to acquire.

Getting a chance to be enrolled to the university is what I have been wishing for, as I am convinced that a beautiful future awaits me in the health sector.

Luckness Namonje Kalundu, Lusaka, Lusaka Province, 10101, Zambia


In my life so far, working hard is what I understand most. I have always been a boy full of pleasure when there is work, as I grew up, I came to ask myself what type of work I would like to do in the future. All rays pointed out to one thing and that’s Surgery.

Inspired by nature, I have come to decide that it is ideal for me to work as a surgical doctor. Not having had an opportunity to get involved in medical or surgical activities has not discouraged me, am fully persuaded that I can make it.

However, there are more obstacles to my career to endure. Sadly, People would rather propose something they think is best for me and not what I feel I can manage.

Neighbors, family members and friends have different career paths which they think best suits me, for them, being a surgical doctor is an impossible ambition, their views depresses me as I expect full support from them.

Not having a lot of people to get inspiration from is a challenge, as most of the people in my community have less success stories with education.

Majority of the youths are looming in the streets while being involved in substance abuse, theft among other things.

I feel if I had someone to guide me towards my dream career I would be less anxious about what lies ahead of me and fight the fear of the unknown within me.

To help keep myself busy from the community influence, I engage myself in various activities. I always spend my free time at Children International Zambia center, there, I have been privileged to be part of community youth reporters where we learn media skills and utilize them to tell our stories faced in communities and cover events of national interest.

While at school, I have come to notice that education has gone way expensive in our generation, coming from a middle class family and having other siblings gives me doubt if my guardians will afford to take me to the university looking at the difficulties they face to cater for our academic needs.

As a way of making a step towards attaining my goals, I chose pure sciences and mathematics at school, with these subjects, I am hoping to be among the best students during my grade 12 national examinations so as to be given a bursary at the university.

There are some chances of attaining bursaries from government aid, but probably it is one out of billions, others make it while others do not.

Great fear strikes my mind sometimes when I contemplate on whether I will be among the lucky ones to get the bursary thereby turning my dream career into reality.

Aside from financial constraints, I have a minor social challenge, I lose my memory once in a while for a short time. This situation makes my family members underestimate and question my abilities, the physical challenge however does not affect my perception and mental views of anything.

It is my devout hope to be one of the best surgeons, a good role model and an inspiration to the young people who will then be going through what I am experiencing now.

ENDS……….Teddy .Mukuka

Luckness Namonje Kalundu, Lusaka, Lusaka Province, 10101, Zambia

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