What is your environmentalism dream job?

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Halo, my name is Glory Mrema and I am 23 from Tanzania. After I graduated I couldn’t give my head a rest. Always thinking where and when I will start working, I had 3 months being home with no specific job because I had no idea of what to do so my mind stuck on job applications, I couldn’t think more than just getting a job and be employed. It was a very depressing moment I can tell, within the three months I applied for different work positions in different places. Luckily enough I applied for a volunteering project with VSO/ICS #Team Fursa#. Through the project I had a lot of experience and I learn a lot of new ideas that miraculous after the program I went home with new ideas that I couldn’t figure out before so I proposed an idea of planting trees and doing a small business of making traditional cleaning soaps. My working interests rely on the community i.e. being devoted with the people in making a better society. I always dream of being my own Boss, working for myself under my own principles but also I want to share my life with vulnerable children; the homeless and the disabled kids, I am so heart touched and so broken with the lives and the conditions of the disabled children that are longing for someone to share love, care and kindness with them, though currently I am unable because I haven’t started working yet. So in the future I wish to build a home and introduce a campaign for the children belonginess, I won’t be able to help every child around the country but would wish to do the little in a heartily way.

Glory · Hai, Kilimanjaro, Northern, Tanzania
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What is your environmentalism dream job?

Climate researcher? Solar power engineer? Marine biologist? Sustainable farmer? Tell us about your dream job. Is anything standing in the way? Or, if you already have your dream job, tell us about your journey to get it.

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