What is your environmentalism dream job?

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Climate researcher? Solar power engineer? Marine biologist? Sustainable farmer?

Tell us about your dream job. Is anything standing in the way? Or, if you already have your dream job, tell us about your journey to get it.


Heal What's Left

The first time my father let us help in planting when we were young, I had taken one look at the wriggling worm on the sack of soil we were playing with and was immediately amazed at how wonderful nature was. The wriggling worm had made me stare and realize that somehow, it was helping make the plants grow. That was how I knew; I was going to become an environmentalist of some sort when I grew up.

I had seen documentaries and heard speeches of melting ice on the polar areas, of forest fires, of pollution, of dying animals and others that just keep depicting the dying earth. That continued to push me to become what I wanted to be so that’s how I had ended up as a student of agricultural engineer. It was the nearest thing I could study that the circumstances of my life allowed me. My dream job however was to be an environmental engineer that creates for the sake of nature and my country.

What are stopping me from becoming one are my own insecurities, the fear of the future, and lack recognition of innovation in my country.

My insecurities include the well-known ‘what if I’m not good enough?’ because I get disappointed right before I can prove myself to myself. I’ve always had problems with believing in myself so sometimes I don’t think I can become what I want no matter how I much I want it.

The fear of the future of what will happen; it is the uncertainty that clouds everyone who knows that there is a decision to make and such decision will change something big in their lives. I desperately want to be sure that I can become something and that I can affect even the slightest bit of change. I don’t to become a failure. I don’t want to be afraid of something that hasn’t happened yet.

There are so many great minds and many great ideas here yet they lack recognition and attention so they keep getting ignored. It’s so painful to see something that would’ve been great for us had it have support simply get away or taken by other countries. There are great inventors among us and there simply is not enough attention given so it’s not used by us. That stops me because what use is there on trying when no one else is? What’s the use of creating when no one will use it?

But, if I let all these stop me, then my dream job will remain in my dream so I don’t want to think of this as things that ‘stop’ me, no, they are simply ‘obstacles’ that I will overcome.

karyan Conception, Romblon, Mimaropa, Philippines
Image for Dream, make goals and be an inspiration for better future

Dream, make goals and be an inspiration for better future

Halo, my name is Glory Mrema and I am 23 from Tanzania. After I graduated I couldn’t give my head a rest. Always thinking where and when I will start working, I had 3 months being home with no specific job because I had no idea of what to do so my mind stuck on job applications, I couldn’t think more than just getting a job and be employed. It was a very depressing moment I can tell, within the three months I applied for different work positions in different places. Luckily enough I applied for a volunteering project with VSO/ICS #Team Fursa#. Through the project I had a lot of experience and I learn a lot of new ideas that miraculous after the program I went home with new ideas that I couldn’t figure out before so I proposed an idea of planting trees and doing a small business of making traditional cleaning soaps. My working interests rely on the community i.e. being devoted with the people in making a better society. I always dream of being my own Boss, working for myself under my own principles but also I want to share my life with vulnerable children; the homeless and the disabled kids, I am so heart touched and so broken with the lives and the conditions of the disabled children that are longing for someone to share love, care and kindness with them, though currently I am unable because I haven’t started working yet. So in the future I wish to build a home and introduce a campaign for the children belonginess, I won’t be able to help every child around the country but would wish to do the little in a heartily way.

Glory Hai, Kilimanjaro, Northern, Tanzania
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youth Can make changes

My name is John Estomih Nkini am a 5th Child in a Family of nine (9) people I have three brothers, three sisters; my mother and my father I grown up in agriculture family all of our family economy depending in agriculture.

For the first time I wasn’t happy with Agriculture as my parents was doing a small scale farming and it was seen as work of un educated people and people who doesn’t have future in their life, it was really a challenge to me when I was in school when I saw some of my friends who their parent were public servant taken to school by family cars while I was to school going by foot but after some years I handled the situation I started to love my family and being proud of my parents.

Am now a bachelor’s degree graduate after finish my studies I got a chance to volunteer with VSO-ICS in Zanzibar in the project called VNA (Vinaja na Ajira….Swahili name) means Youth and Employment this chance open a new room in my mindset and after the program I was a very new person on how I can this things and tacker challenges in my community.

Am now employed as sales and market Administrative Officer in one of Thai company called CPP Tanzania. We are dealing with Agriculture (yellow corn Agriculture) Yellow maize in East Africa is not new to people but most of people have negative perception about yellow maize so I have very big task to let people understand the different between yellow maize and white maize because most of them they believe that yellow maize is for animal feed and not for human consumption as white maize because on 1970s East Africa faced hunger and when they got maize from USA people tell them USA have given them the Animal feed for human Consumption and it was true because most of white people they don’t eat Ugali as we do in Africa but in really sense yellow maize have more nutrient than the white including vitamin A which white maize don’t have so am happy.

In my future I want to invest in Agriculture but the modern Agriculture different from that of my parents, I use this opportunity I have to work with CPP Tanzania to learn the challenge farmers face and to build network with other farmers in Tanzania and when I get enough capital to stand alone I will invest in Green House Agriculture because am sure that will be the way of use resources wisely, keep environment safe and give people quality product to consume as now most farmers in east Africa use a lot of chemicals in there production even for the short season crops so most of their produce are not friendly for the health and this is one of the main reasons I want to invest in green house farming to help people solve their problem of consuming low quality food.

As I have started movement of be one of successful person in Tanzania and Africa at large am in a group of 16 graduate who we have plan to invest in Agriculture and we have support from the ministry of Agriculture and other organization in Tanzania.

Nkini John Mabibo Farasi, Mabibo, Dar es Salaam, Coastal, 78570, Tanzania

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