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Do you support your country's leaders?

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Do you have confidence in the people who lead your political system?


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Election Fraud/Corruption in Philadelphia

I feel the need to speak up about an incidence of election fraud that occurred at my local polling station. Had these been isolated experiences, I wouldn’t have written this article. However, millions of individuals had similar experiences so I feel the need to share.

Once I finished the paperwork at my polling station, a man working there asked me if it was my first time voting and if I was a democrat. I said yes. He then took me into the voting booth, pointed to Clinton's name and said "this is where you vote democrat." He then pointed to the other candidates, but Clinton’s name was definitely singled out.

After casting my vote, I canvassed my neighborhood in order to get out the vote. As I was canvassing, I ran into a man distributing flyers with Clinton’s name as the only presidential candidate. The flyers said “Official Democratic Ballot.” I let him know that the flyers are extremely misleading and questioned their legality.

A block away, a woman was distributing the same flyers and I let her know what I thought of this shady campaigning. She didn’t even know who Bernie Sanders was. The man soon ran up to me in order to yell at me about exposing the corrupt way I which he pushed his agenda. He claimed to be the community leader and another woman threatened to call the cops. I mentioned nothing I did qualified as illegal and asked them to leave me alone.

Earlier that day, I met two girls who were distributing flyers for Zappala and I was curious as to why they felt so strongly about their candidate. When I asked, they stated that someone in their community asked them to distribute the flyers. They didn’t even know who the candidate was. Then they asked me why I’m volunteering for Bernie, this is what I told them:

“We are at a pivotal point in our need to address the pressing issues of climate change and environmental destruction, which threaten the survival of our species. One particular issue that can affect Philadelphia residents directly is hydraulic fracking. There are entire communities in Pennsylvania have flammable water due to the presence of natural gas in their water. Fracking certain parts of the Marcellus Shale, a rock formation , means that flammable substances could end up in our city’s water. Bernie is strictly against fracking, while Hillary Clinton has received 3 million dollars from the fossil fuel industry and promotes fracking. She says young people don’t do their research because, in theory, fracking can be done without significant harm to our earth. However, corporations often ignore regulations to generate greater profits by paying off fines. Guess who pays the ultimate price?”

After listening to my reasons, one of the girls said she wished she would have known this prior to casting her ballot for Hillary Clinton.

This is how Hillary Clinton is winning this election, through misleading and possibly fraudulent practices. The presidential candidate runs on a progressive platform which seems to cater to the needs of minorities. Since environmental destruction disproportionately affects marginalized communities, particularly communities of color, she fails to protect the people she claims to support. When her campaign uses people who aren’t aware of environmental racism or their promotion of mass incarceration, they actively exploit these individuals.

Furthermore, let’s examine the true impacts of her foreign policy in places like Honduras, where Hillary supported a coup which killed many activists including environmental and indigenous activist Berta Carceres, who actively criticized Clinton’s foreign policy.

As an immigrant from Argentina, I supported the Democratic Party because I believed they had my best interest at heart. After hearing about how the party has treated Sanders and seeing this corruption first hand, I have lost faith and respect for the party I grew up admiring.

Thanks to Bernie Sanders, not only have we realized that the establishment is more corrupt than we thought, but we also created the network necessary to create a revolution in our country. Let’s challenge the system and make it happen.

Paula Meninato Philadelphia County, penna, United States of America

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