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Jose Perez: I feel like my vote does really make an impact.

I have registered to vote. I do plan on voting. The reason I think voting is important is that I feel like my vote does really make an impact. If I influence other people to vote they will also go to try and vote. If I influence others, they are going to influence other people. One vote adds up and that stacks up. It really does make a difference even if you don’t think it doesn’t. I feel like young people don’t understand the process to vote, even I did not understand the process. I had many people explain it to me. Many people are not probably interested in politics which is, to each his own. But it is important to decide who is going to run a country. They might not know it but it is going to have a huge impact on our lives. It’s a really important matter. It’s very important to pay attention to that. Other people’s decisions are very critical in to one’s life. It depends on the decisions they make. For example, the building the wall structure. If it does come to that, there is going to be an outbreak of many people fighting against it. Many people do not know that a lot of illegal immigrants work very hard in the field and it is going to affect every little detail. Like grocery stores, and big companies losing money. That’s just one small factor. One person with really high power can really cherish or destroy one person’s life. I am kind of nervous, it can go either good or bad. I don’t see any good news in the media anymore. It is just about how each candidate are extreme on their ideas. Sometimes it just boggles my mind. I am excited to vote for the first time. I would explain the whole process but I am just a part of the process. Finally, I can be part of this huge community. I feel like my life is progressing because I can see myself doing more adult things. I finally get to decide who the next president will be. I mean it depends on the majority of the group but it all depends on one vote to count. So I am very happy to be a part of this.

Jose Perez, is a 19-year-old student at Holyoke Community College


This entry was generated in partnership with the UMass Community Journalism class. Jose worked with GroundTruth digital intern Frank Dutan to generate his response.

fdutan · Hampden County, Massachusetts, United States of America
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Do you vote?

Will you vote in the upcoming election? Is voting important to you? Why or why not?

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