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Loida Perez: Voting does not matter to me AT ALL

Voting does not matter to me AT ALL. Especially the voting for the candidates now. But the reason why I think voting isn’t very important to me, personally, because my vote isn’t going to change the world. Yeah people say it can or what if they need one more vote and I hear all if’s and but’s even though I still don’t see the importance in voting. The candidates make so many promises but don’t live up to them and still expect people to do as they say so I don’t see why vote for people who don’t respect their word.

Politics does not matter to me especially because I have no interest in it. I don’t get it at all because I don’t pay attention to it. It bores me and just makes my head all numb with the lies and overreactions of the words from the candidates.


Loida Perez is a 17-year-old student at the High School of Commerce.

This entry was generated in partnership with the UMass Community Journalism class. Loida Perez worked with mentor James Frank to create her response.

fdutan · Hampden County, Massachusetts, United States of America
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Do you vote?

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