Do you vote?

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Voting is Essential

This next election will be my first time voting, and I absolutely intend to do so. Voting is a privilege we often take for granted in this country and to choose not to participate is a waste. However weird and slightly terrifying this election process has been I think it’s incredibly important that people, especially young people, get out and vote. I find people my age, even among my progressive, educated friends, often fall into the trap of thinking their one vote won’t really make a difference. But when an entire group of people feels that way, it can make a huge impact. I’ve always been of the mind that it’s better to voice your opinion rather than leave the future of your country in the hands of other people.

NdeaYanceyBragg · Suffolk County, Massachusetts, United States of America
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Do you vote?

Will you vote in the upcoming election? Is voting important to you? Why or why not?

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