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Entrepreneur? Stock broker? Accountant? Attorney? Judge? Tell us about your dream job. Is anything standing in the way? Or, if you already have your dream job, tell us about your journey to get it.


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A young guatemalan life

I’m Rigoberto Chicop Choxin, I’m 28 years old, I’m a Spanish speaker and I live in Central America, specifically in a Guatemalan Village, a small village but a beautiful and very interesting place around the world. I have been living in a Village called Santiago Sacatepequez. It is known as The land of Gigantic kites.

I was born in an incredible and adorable family, I have great parents, since I was born they have tried to give my siblings and me the best they can, but unfortunately my father just studied in the elementary school and my mother couldn’t finish. They have never had a formal job, a job where they can earn a considerable amount of money that can help us in a better way as a family.

I’ve studied in public schools and I’ve loved those opportunities, but unfortunately those schools haven’t given me enough knowledge, and I couldn’t learn a foreign language to have more job opportunities now. Learning has been expensive to me.

I’ve worked in four or five kinds of jobs, all of them have been in an informal economical place, this means that there aren’t big companies or jobs that don’t have the possibility to pay or give more opportunities to grow. I’ve tried several times to be hired by a big company to develop a professional life, but unfortunately here in Guatemala the lack of employment has been a big problem. I’ve tried to be hired in a better job to help my family and to give a better future to my descendants but I have not been able to do it, because I have just earned money to feed us, that kind of job hasn’t been enough to achieve all of my dreams.

In a moment, I was looking for a better job a friend told me that a Foundation was giving the opportunity to learn the English language, I applied for it and I started. I applied because I knew that there were opportunities to get a better job if I could speak English.

I began to study in June of 2015, the foundation is located in my village, they gave me the knowledge to start, I studied there from June 2015 to January 2016, after that, a program that is developed by a international call center called Telus (a company that offers outsourcing services in different languages), they hired me because I could speak a little bit of English. They hired me to be part of a program called TIU (Telus International University) that is located in Guatemala City, to improve my English level at the end be part of the company as an employee. They have provided me with a lot of resources to improve my English skills and when I speak English fluently I’ll be ready to be hired for a well paid job. A job that allows me to help my parents and my siblings too.

This process has been so hard because, although I haven’t gotten paid anything, I’ve worked to have the resources to travel and to have something to eat every single day since I started, I know that it hasn’t been easy but I think that will be worth it.

I have to get up at 3:30am every day because I leave my house at 4:30am to take the bus that takes me to Guatemala City, I think that the place isn’t far away because it’s located about 35 miles from my town, but a problem that Guatemala has is traffic. I spend time in traffic. I’m studying at TIU from 7:00am to 4:00pm. I have felt excited to learn more but I have felt tired too because of the long trip I take everyday. I know that I should learn more or practice more but my tiredness doesn’t allow me sometimes, because I’m really busy on weekdays and on weekends I have to work. I love all of the things that I’m learning and I’m sure that I’ll improve my language skills through the TIU program to get a better job.

I’ve wanted to build my own house but until now I haven’t been able to, I have wanted to help my parents because they have helped me a lot and there are many dreams that I haven’t achieved because there aren’t enough resources, there isn’t enough time or enough money to achieve my dreams because I have to work to have some money and when I’m working, time is limited.

I’m sure that my goals will be easier to achieve when I get a better job. Now it’s been so hard but nobody said that it’ll be easy, but I know at the end it’ll all be worth it.

Gober Chisec, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala
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l am Jonathan Daniel Tote, l am 24 years old, l live in San Lucas Sacatepéquez, lt is a beautiful and small place in Guatemala, it is located far from the city, so this is a little story about my life when l started to study English, so l learned to speak English in a foundation called Juan Francisco Garcia Comparini, it is in Santiago, very far from the city when l was studying there it was so difficult for me because l did not understand any English it was hard because l had to work in the afternoon every day, so l slept at 11 pm and l woke up at 6 am every day but it was interesting for me because l wanted to learn this language and now l can speak it, so l am sad sometimes because my mother is sick and l usually can not help her with some money because l do not have a job still, but l am studying in a program that is created to increase our level of English then we can get a job opportunity in that company, Telus is a call center and it is one of the best companies in the country, so after l get a job, l am going to study in a university because it is one of my dreams, to study a career because l have not studied yet. That is because my parents did not have many resources, but now l will get a job and l will would pay my career. l want to study to become a lawyer or architect, because one day l would help my family and some poor children who don’t have parents and l think that building a foundation, where l can give scholarships in my town is good because there are a lot of children that do not have an opportunity to study. That’s why l want to achieve my dreams and help them, then l’m going to buy a house where l will be able to live with my family and buy a car, and my house will have a beautiful garden, soccer field and a swimming pool, where I’m going to play with my siblings, and live happily.

jonathan2 Chisec, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala
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My Dream Job.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Miriam Tuquer, I’m 21 years old, I live in a big family in Ciudad Quetzal. It is a small town and it is located 2 hours away from Guatemala city. I have been studying English since 2015, in Juan Francisco Garcia Comparini’s foundation, they gave us a scholarship and it helps a lot of people every year. I started to study English on February 6th. I remember that I was so nervous, because it was something new for me but I knew that my life was going to change. I met a lot of awesome people and they became my friends because they showed me that they are good people.

I was so happy because I would've never imagined that I will learn English, however, I have faced a lot of things in life because I traveled to ciudad Quetzal. (It is near San Juan Sacatepequez). It is located 3 hours away from Guatemala city, and I woke up at 4:00 am, every single day, it was so difficult for me because I remember that there was a lot of traffic and I needed to walk a lot and when I got to the academy I cried because I was tired and scared, I’m a sensible person. I thankful with my brother, his name is peter because he supported me and he gave money to me for my bus ticket because my father didn’t have a job, but I remember that when my brother went to other places, I didn’t have money for my bus ticket, but my mother helped me. It was so hard for me to learn English, when I had my first interview I was nervous and excited but unfortunately I didn’t pass then the second and third interview the results were the same but I wanted to be in Telus because it’s an awesome call center in Guatemala and I always think that I will have a job there although I had to go through difficult moments, many things happened that year, I was very sick, my mother had an accident and she almost died, I knew that i needed to continue, for that reason I’m here and I know the process wasn’t easy but I tried to give my best and think positively and believe in God. It doesn’t matter if i need to wake up at 3:20 am every day to go to TIU (Telus International University - an English Academy) because I would like to achieve my goals and I hope to have a better future, everything has showed me that I can. Even though some members of my family told me that I wouldn’t be able to learn English because, It wasn’t for me. So today I know that I speak and understand English and I’m going to work in the best call center, and I’ m going to achieve some of my goals that’s going to help my family and continue studying at the university. I have more goals but these are the most important for me, I’m thankful for this opportunity, it changed everything in my life because I know if I want to have a good future and achieve my goals I need to work hard.

Miriam Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala
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Things that I have done to achieve my dream job.

Well my name is Lilian or Lily for short, I live in a beautiful and small country, its name is Guatemala but I live in a village, the real name is Comunidad De Zet, It is located next to San Juan Sacatepequez around 4 kilometers, also San Juan Sacatepequez is an interesting town. Do you want to know Why? Because the artists name is Tierra de las Flores y Cuna del Mueble (Earth Flowers and Crib Furniture). It’s a nice and wonderful place because people are very friendly, there are around ¾ of a million people, San Juan Sacatepequez has 13 villages and I live in one of them. San Juan Sacatepequez is located around 33 kilometers from Guatemala city, there are many buses who work there, because it isn’t far. When there isn’t any traffic it is around 45 minutes but when there is a lot of traffic it takes around 3 to 4 hours, It happens because there are a lot of people who work here in the city. I also live with my mother and my father I have 4 sisters, their name’s are Miriam, Dalila, Flory and Gladys, but Dalila is married and the other three are single. I’m the fourth one in my house, I’m an accountant but I really didn’t want to study this career. It is because I wanted to study to become a doctor but unfortunately we don’t have enough money and that’s why I chose to study that career and of course I gave my best in that career and I graduated in 2014 also Miriam was studying in Juan Francisco Garcia Compariny Foundation. It’s a company who helps a lot of indigenous people who graduated but don’t have good opportunities to apply for a job so she studied there for a year and then she applied for a good job and she is working in a call center now. When I finish my career my mother told me If I wanted to study English in the same academy I told her that I didn’t want, because I felt uncomfortable and It never caught my attention on school but I decided to study English I have studied since last year and I didn’t know English, maybe I knew about 4 or 5 words because I only knew words like: Hello, Good Morning, Good afternoon and Good bye.

To me, It doesn’t matter if I have difficulties on the way. My mother always helps me a lot in every situation and I have studied to learn English because I really want to help my mother because she has a vision in mind also because she has not lost faith in me and one of my dreams is to work here in Telus and I know It isn’t easy but I know that It isn’t impossible either and I really appreciate all the effort that my mother gives every day, even though some members of my family wouldn’t like to see me grow and succeeded in the company, they want to see me fall. I remember some words that my sister told me she said “ HOPEFULLY YOU DON’T GET A JOB IN TELUS” these words gave me more courage and strength to achieve my goals and dreams. I come to Telus very early every day why? because I always like to be on time and I get up early, around 3:15 every day in the morning because one of my neighbors picks me up at 3:45 or 3:50 and then I take another bus to San Juan Sacatepéquez to come to Guatemala, in my village there is a bus but it comes at 4:25 but in this time there is a lot of traffic and one day I was late to Telus. Since that moment I decided to get up early in the morning but It doesn’t matter because It’s one of my dreams. I’d like to be part of Telus because Telus is a company who receives and makes many English calls. I really like it because trainers and people who are there are very understandable and kind because If you don’t know some words in English they explain it to you or they help you in your pronunciation. I also enjoy my time with them because they are different than other people who are in other companies, that’s why I want to be there as an employee and I also want to study in the university and achieve all of my goals that I want.

Lilian Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala
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My Sacrifice is changing my life

My name’s Gloria Otzoy, I’m 22 years old, I live with my parents, my brothers and my grandma, I live in a small and beautiful house.

Since I was little, I wanted to change my life because I had a difficult situation, and I started to think that I needed to study hard and I needed to get a good job and I want to help my parents and other people, that’s why I decided to study hard and I gave my best effort, after I decided to study English, it has been difficult because my parents don’t have money to pay my course, one day, one of my friends spoke with me and she told me about the Juan Francisco Garcia Comparini Foundation. That Foundation is located in Santiago Sacatepequez (a town in Guatemala). Well I went to ask for information and they gave me the information, I tried to get the scholarship, but the first year I couldn’t get it and I tried again the second year and I got the scholarship in that foundation, in which I learned English. But last year it was difficult to learn English, first of all my parents are too sick, and my mother almost passed away and I needed to be in my house but I was studying in the morning and in the afternoon, I helped in my house and I did my homework very late.

As well I didn’t have money to buy notebooks or paper, we didn’t have enough money to buy some vegetables or to prepare food because my father only works and he has a lot of bills to pay, however, we have to take care of my grandmother because she lives in my house and we have to give her food and we have to give her a lot of things.

I remember one day I asked my father for money because I needed to buy something and print some paper but he got angry because I asked for money and I knew that he didn’t have money to give me, then I went to my bedroom and a few days before, I saved two quetzales (Guatemalan currency) and I used my money in those days.

We ate beans every single day, because my father didn’t have enough money and I remember that one day we only had tortillas and we only ate tortillas with salt and we only drank water, because we didn’t have money to buy a lot of things, however, they tried to give us the most important thing which is love.

My father worked on weekends but we didn’t have enough money, I know it was more difficult for us to know that my grandmother is too sick because since December of last year, we have to change her diaper every single day and my mother is sick too. So I have to help her taking care of my grandma.

Now I’m in TIU. Telus is an international Call Center here in Guatemala and it’s the best English call center, Telus gives good Customer Service around the world, since 2010 Customer Service was becoming the first in this company and Telus helps me a lot to improve my English Skills. Although that company helps me a lot, learning English has been difficult for me, because I need to travel for around three hours from my town to Guatemala city by bus and now we live a difficult moment because in my beautiful town which is Santiago Sacatepequez, there is a lot of violence and I need to take the bus very early and when I get to Guatemala city, I need to walk for around 15 minutes to get to Telus, I sometimes get scared because Guatemala city is too dangerous.

But I can still continue studying and achieving my goals even though my parents don’t have money to give me and pay my bus ticket. But I need to sacrifice many things to achieve my goals, because i need to help my parents and I want to help other people but the most important thing is that I need to help my cousins, unfortunately years ago their father passed away and I know is difficult for them because they also don’t have money. But my main goal is to work and to study in the University, I also want to work there and I hope to get a good job to achieve my dreams and my goals.

Elizabeth Otzoy Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala
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My Dream Job


My name is Laura Lizetth Osorio Ixcoteyac, I was born on February 24th, 1992. I live in a small village known as Pachali near Santiago Sacatepequez. So right now I’m an English student from an English Academy it has been so hard for me because I have had some problems in my family because of money, so I started to study English In Juan Francisco Comparini Foundation from 4 Pinos. I was excited because it has been one of my dreams and I want to learn and to speak English very well, I remember when I started because it was hard for me to understand, unfortunately I haven’t had enough time to practice and to do my homework at home because I have to help my mother with chores but at nights I try to do my homework, and I practice what I learn all day. I live in a big family, I have seven sisters and two brothers unfortunately my father passed away last year, it’s hard to understand that because he was a great father, and since that day my mother has been sick, and it is difficult for us because she needs her medicine and sadly my grandfather passed away this year. For my mother it has been a very difficult situation that she is going through, so she has been really sad lately, my three little sisters haven’t finished their studies and I want to help them. My old brothers are married, and that’s why they can’t help us anymore, and my older sisters are studying at the University and also some of them are working but they have to pay their studies so for that reason I need to get a job. Right now I’m studying so hard and it has been difficult for me because I have to get up early. I usually get up at 3:00 because unfortunately I live in a small village near Santiago Sacatepequez and the buses start to work at 5 o'clock so if I leave my house at that time I get to the English Academy too late. so I have to leave my house at 4:00. I also have to walk very far and it’s dangerous for me, however I have to do that because I want to finish my studies and achieve my goals, one of them is to get a good job and a better future. I would like to work at Telus because I know that it's an international company, it has a good environment, all of the people are friendly and I want to be part of the them. I know that It’ll help me to grow as an excellent person. Nowadays it’s difficult to find a good job because of violence in our country and a lot of people are looking for an opportunity to get a job, I have also seen some children on the street selling candy, cleaning shoes because their parents need money so I would like to help them because they should study instead of working hard, I would like to get a job to help my family, mainly my mother because she is everything I have.

Lizetth Osorio Chisec, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala
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I’m Silvia Beatriz Choxin I’m 22 years old, I’m from Santiago Sacatepéquez, which is located about 50 kilometer from Guatemala city. I started to study English in 2015 at the Juan Francisco García Comparini Foundation . That foundation is located in the town where I live.

Learning English has been very difficult for me because I have faced many obstacles to achieve my goals, the obstacles I have to faced have been that I did not get help from my family because they do not have possibilities to support me. My family is too big I have six sisters and four brothers, so that’s why my parents do not help me in my studies, I’m the only one of my sisters that graduated as a secretary, all of my sisters did not finish their studies at school because they couldn't support themselves to continue studying. I have been supporting myself alone since I finished school, when I started to study English it was so hard because I did not have any knowledge about English when my teacher explained something in English I did not understand anything. I usually got upset and I sometimes cried because I felt that I was the only one that could not speak English very well. My teacher always gave us a lot of homework or we had to do presentations, but my big problem was that I did not have access to internet and neither computers I had to go to an internet cafe for many hours to do my presentations or sometimes I went to my friends house to use her computers. When I was studying at the Juan Francisco Garcia Comparini Foundation I had to walk for around 30 minutes from my house to the Foundation every single day but my biggest problem has been that I do not have a specific place where I do my homework, I share my room with my other sisters, and I can not concentrate, sometimes my sisters and I get angry because they bother me and then I yell at them to be quiet, so I have to look for a good place to do my homework. Currently I study English at the Telus academy. Telus is one of the best Call Centers in Guatemala I’m there to improve my English skills and then I’m going to apply to be an agent. That academy is too far from my house. I spend two or three hours to get to the academy, but every day I have to face many dangerous things, because the transportation in Guatemala is very bad, there are many thieves and they steal everything that they find, I always get scared to walk on the street or when I travel, I don't know if I will come back home. Violence is becoming common in Guatemala, and also traffic is really bad I have to get up at 3:00 every day and I do not sleep a lot because I have to do my homework. I usually sleep four hours every day, I have sacrificed myself to achieve my dreams, and to have a great future for me and for my parents too even though they haven’t helped me, but I would like to help them. I want to be a role model for my sisters to show them, that everything is possible if we put our mind to it.

Silvia Chisec, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala
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Dream Job

Dream Job

My name is carlos Daniel Reyes Paz but people call me Charlie I am 19 years old and I live in a beautiful place in Guatemala, it is called Santa Lucia Milpas Altas, it is located between Antigua Guatemala and San Lucas Sacatepequez, Santa Lucia is a small town and amazing people live in it, some people say that Santa Lucia is not dangerous but I am not sure about it because some places of Santa Lucia are dangerous at night, but other than that almost all of the places are safe. I started to learn English in Juan Francisco Garcia foundation, it is a foundation that helps people that want to learn English it is also located in Santiago Sacatepequez, it is located near San Lucas. I really like a lot of things about Santiago and something that I know is that Santiago has people that wear traditional clothes and it is a beautiful place to visit. I started to learn English in the foundation but it was so difficult for me because I remember my first day in the foundation, that’s when the teacher started to speak English and I couldn’t understand anything. That was frustrating because I thought that I could understand something but unfortunately I couldn’t understand anything then I proposed my self study hard but it was difficult because I was learning another language but then I could understand more because my teacher gave me a lot of homework every day and I think it helped me improve my English. I was in the foundation for around a year but during that year I started understanding some things. I remember that my first interview was so bad because I couldn’t understand some questions that the interviewer asked me so in that moment I was disappointed but then I was happy because i was thinking about it, i was happy, because of my mistakes, I have been able to learn from them.

I also remember my last interview as if it were yesterday because I was very nervous but gladly passed my interview, I was very happy. The name of the company is Telus. It is a call center that provides customer service, it is also a canadian company, it is the best company in Guatemala because they give the agents good and comfortable things. I started to learn English in Telus but it was so difficult because I had to get up early, around 3:40 am because if I didn’t get up at that time then there will be a lot of traffic and I needed to be in Telus at 7:00 am. I don’t know how many kilometers there are from Telus to Santa Lucia but in the morning I arrive to Telus at 5:30 am and in the afternoon I leave at 4:00 pm. I arrive home at 6:00 pm then I start to my homework and then I have dinner, I go to bed at 10:00 pm but the experiences in Telus have been good because I have learned a lot of things like how to speak fluently, I also have learned new vocabulary and I would like to help my family but especially my mother because she works hard every day. I would like to help her, and I know if I work in Telus I can help her and I can also buy my own things and I will start the university next year I would like to study systems engineering because I like things related to computers, I know something about computers but I would like to learn something new and a little bit more about the programs that I use now, I can use some difficult programs but like I said this program is really hard to use because you need to know the programming language.

I know that is difficult but not impossible to learn so I like all the things related with computers and I hope to achieve my goal.

Charlie10 Santa Lucía Milpas Altas, Sacatepéquez, Guatemala
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My sacrifices

My name is Daniel Xoc Choxin I am from Santiago Sacatepequez. Santiago Sacatepequez is a small town from Guatemala and I have lived there since I was born, I live with my parents and I have seven sisters and a brother, nowadays Santiago has been affected by violence and it is a little bit difficult to live there because of the economy my father works as a farmer and I remember when I was at school I had to help him in his job, I had to help him for four hours, then I had to run to my house and to be in school on time, I only had time to do my homework at night, but it doesn't matter because I enjoyed running, in my childhood I didn’t have money to buy something to eat. I just had my pencils, books, notebooks and my backpack, in some cases I used a plastic bag instead of a backpack, sometimes we had to play some games like soccer, and I didn’t have shoes to play that game, I was happy with the things I had but one day I said, I don’t want to have that kind of life, I want to have a great future, since that day I wanted to be a professional person, I watched a video in which a man was working with big computers so I wanted to do the same thing, that’s why becoming an engineer has been the biggest dream that I have. I asked my father for money to pay the university but unfortunately he told me that he didn’t have enough money to do that, so I decided to look for a job, I found one but it was not the job that I expected but I took it and I started to go to the university on weekends and I worked during the week, I had to travel for an hour to be there. It was difficult because I had to work 9 hours during the week , I didn’t have days off, if I wanted to have a day off but I had to work from 4 am to 10 pm the day before, the salary in that job was not good because I only had money to pay the university, the bus ticket and for my food, and that’s all. It wasn’t a great job but I didn’t want to leave that job because of the university but after 3 years I decided to look for another job, I looked for it but it was impossible because every company asked for a good education like the university and I didn’t and I don’t have that kind of education. One day, a friend talked about an English school in which they help people to get a good job, they teach English for a year, after you learn the English language you can get a job in a call center in the city and he told me that this call center is one of the most important companies and that you can get a job there if you know English, that’s why I decided to learn English, I was still working in the gas station when I started to go to school, it was too difficult because I had to study English from 8 am to 1 pm after I had to travel to my job and I had to work from 2 pm to 10 pm I didn’t have time for lunch, every day I had lunch in the bus while I was going to my job, it was not comfortable because there were a lot of people but I had lunch inside the bus, I had time to do my English homework after 11pm, I didn’t have too much time to sleep some days I didn’t sleep because of homework, I always slept at 2 or 3 am and I always woke up at 5:30 because I had to travel again to the English school, and I had to be there on time, every day was the same, after 2 months I wanted to give up, but my father told me, “if you want to have a great future you have to choose between you job and learning English”, it was so difficult to make a decision, if I left my job I had to quit the university too because of the money, but if I quit going to the English school then I won't have a great job, so I decided to quit my job and I cried because of the university, since that day, learning English became my second dream, I didn’t know that learning a new language was difficult. I am still learning English and I won’t stop working on it until I achieve my goals.

DannyXoc Santiago Sacatepéquez, Sacatepéquez, Guatemala
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A sacrifice that is changing My Life


I’m Rubi Guamuch and I’m 22 years old and I live in a beautiful faraway town that Guatemala has.

My Dream job is to get an opportunity here in TELUS, Why? because TELUS INTERNATIONAL is the best Call Center in Guatemala city and It’s a company that gives opportunities to Guatemalan people, for example TELUS has given me the opportunity to be in The TIU Program. It’s a course that helps improve my English skills and I’m thankful with the TIU’s supervisor. I’m in this course but it hasn't been easy for me, I started since 2 months ago, and since that time I have done my best although sometimes it isn’t enough, and I have felt that I can’t continue. I have thought Learning English isn’t for me. Another difficult thing is that I have to get up very early to be on time to my English course and when I go back home I feel terrible, and unfortunately I’m the only girl in my family, It means that I have to do the house chores after classes too. I just have time to do my homework and I go to bed very late. This learning process has been so difficult but at the same time, I’m happy because I know that I’m going to get a job, but to achieve it, I have to continue giving my best effort, although it means that I have to work hard but I believe in myself and that I will get a job.

Another important thing that I have to mention is that I didn’t know anything about the English language but I had an opportunity that I’m sure many people would want to have from learning English and it happened because my grandfather is one of the business partners that 4 Pinos has and he asked almost all of my cousins if one of them wanted to learn English and everyone said “no”, so I decided to apply to the academy that 4 Pinos created, It’s called Juan Francisco Garcia Comparini Foundation, this foundation helps poor families of different faraway towns and 4 Pinos is a company that cultivates many vegetables and transfers them to others countries.

My process started in 2014, since that year I started to go to many meetings, to take many tests, because 4 Pinos wanted to be sure If i was going to be committed to it, so I was waiting for a long time to get an answer from them to start my English Classes, finally I started on February 8th 2015. I remember I started since zero but I learned a lot of things and my teacher gave me some advice to improve every day but after some months, I felt that I couldn’t anymore and I thought several times “I’m silly, I can’t do it, it is impossible” but why did i feel that? because of everything, every word, topic that supposedly I learned that day, I couldn’t remember anything and I felt that every day was more difficult, but who was my motivation? they were my parents, they saw me crying too many times and they said several times “Rubi you never have to give up although it is so difficult, it isn't impossible either”, and when they said those things, I felt much better because I knew someone was worried for me, and I started to give the best of me again, that’s why I’m thankful with my parents because they have never abandoned me.

While learning English, I have gone through difficult situations, but why do I want to work in Telus? because first of all I want to help my family, give my parents and brothers a better life, this is one of my main goals that I wish to achieve, however there is an important person that has helped me a lot, and he is God.

Rubi Chisec, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala
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My Dream Job.

My name is Bertony Antonio Sebastian, I was born in Santa Cruz Barillas, Huehuetenango, far away from Guatemala city, Actually I live in a small Village its name is San Jose Pacul from Santiago near Antigua Guatemala, I am married, we have a beautiful daughter, her name is Emilly, she is almost 3 years old, when I came to Guatemala City I was looking for a job and I found a "Foundation" where I worked for 2 years, its name is Juan Francisco Garcia Comparini. While I was working there as a Gardener, guardian and Custodian I noticed that some people had the opportunity to learn to speak English and I wanted to learn English too, when I had the opportunity to do it I asked my Boss about it and She gave me the opportunity to learn English, I was happy of course, because in my town there are no growing opportunities, so last year I started to learn English. It was hard for me because I was studying and I had to work, Someone had to work half a day while I was studying and I had to pay him, in the afternoon I had to clean the Foundation's school and the bathrooms and I also had to do my homework, I did it because I wanted to get a better job, then I got good news that we were going to have an interview in order to study at the Telus University, I didn't pass it the first time but I pass it the second time. Just imagine, for one year I had to support my family, to pay someone, to study and I didn't earn a lot of money but I could do it because my dream is to become part of Telus International. So after I passed my second interview, my teacher gave the news and he said "Congratulations Tony", you are going to study in the Telus University, I was really happy because, since January 25th, I have been part of Telus and success is coming, I wrote before that I live in a small Village and my daily routine from Monday to Friday is: I have to get up at 3:30 AM every day and i arrive to Telus around 6:30 AM but that is not a problem, the problem is when I take the bus, there are some bad people that can kill the Bus Drivers and some times people get scared, another problem is the traffic or any accident, but I want to keep going because Our Trainer teaches us a lot of things to improve Our English, and she gives us a lot of advice, because it is important for us. When I get a job here, I would like to grow in the company and to become a Supervisor or a Manager, I would also like to become a Trainer, I know I'm going to be able to achieve my goals, I just need to believe in my self and to grow more in Telus, I also want to talk about Telus, Telus International provides Customer Service around the World and business process outsourcing services, I know since 2004 Telus took the first customer Service Call in Guatemala, Telus approximately has 20,000 employees worldwide, and that is why it is important for me to work in this Company.

Bertony Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala
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Open Area - Barbecue Joint

Since I was a kid I have been astonished by the people who I see on TV that has a cooking show and teaches everyone who watches the show how to cook great food. As a little boy, I am not fond of watching cartoons instead I watch cooking shows. I've been a fan of the show Wok with Yan, Cooking with the Daza's and other cooking shows every weekend. My grandmother is my inspiration until now. I watch her cook and I always tell her that her cooking is the best! We're not a wealthy family. I usually cook for my family and friends. Food that they really appreciate and love. I was an average student when I was studying and didn't have the luxury to be exposed to cooking schools when I was about to take the college life. My parents got separated right before I graduate elementary and my life has been up and down ever since. I did not have the proper guidance but I am not blaming them. I have made a lot of mistakes and made my family disappointed but I picked up myself and work on the things that I messed up. I ended up not finishing college because I had to take care of my baby. Did not have much support from my family because they were frustrated on what happened. I cannot blame them but I did what I had to do. Stood up and fight. This made me stick to my vision and dream of having my own restaurant. The theme is backyard barbecue in an open air restaurant that lets you bring your family, friends, colleague or even celebrate your birthday and enjoy grilled, smoked and seasoned food that will blow your mind. I cook for my kids and friends. Create new dishes that makes people say WOW! I have been working in the call center industry for almost 12 years now and the company that I'm currently employed in gave me an opportunity to pursue my dream of studying culinary arts. Until now, I've been a chef on call for my friends and team mates in case we or they have a gathering or team buildings. I am now supporting my mother and siblings since they do not have any means of income. I was able to let my brother finish college and my sister finished elementary. I will continue to support them and continue to support myself with the job that I have. I will not give up my passion for food. I know the day will come that I can have my own restaurant and create great dishes that will satisfy who ever eats it. I have been trying to submit audition videos in various contests in the television like AFC and Master Chef Asia. You can still see my audition video for master chef in youtube. The only hindrance for me to fulfill my dream is to have ample funds to start the restaurant and the fact that I have an on-going steady income for my family so that it won't hinder them to finish their studies and fulfill their dreams. I will do everything for my family even if this hinders me to have my own restaurant as long as they can eat and go to school, I am okay with it. If people around the world can help me do this, I can assure you that every dish that comes out from my kitchen will be sumptuous, fulfilling and satisfies every pallet.

Here's the link for the youtube video:


PS: im kinda shy in the video. first time to create an audition video. :p

DaTattooedChef Quezon City, Manila Fővárosi Régió, Metro Manila, Philippines

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