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Entrepreneur? Stock broker? Accountant? Attorney? Judge? Tell us about your dream job. Is anything standing in the way? Or, if you already have your dream job, tell us about your journey to get it.


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Working as a girl in Afghanistan

My name is Rohila Tasmim. I am from Afghanistan and I am 19 years old. I graduated from high school. It

is my second year of higher education at a private university in Kabul. I am studying Business

Administration. I would like to work at a bank but there are some main problems that I cannot achieve

my goal and I want to share my problems with working in Afghanistan as an Afghan girl.

I am grown up in a developed and open minded family; that they do not have any problem with my

working but still there are reasons that hesitate them to allow me to work in Afghanistan.

First of all, the security situation that even is a risk for me to go to university. Still my family is supporting

my studies. But this bad security situation put a fear in their hearts that my family do not want to allow

me to work.

Second, our society which is a big problem for female especially for Pashtun people. Going out of house

is not easy for Afghan women. We are being teased on way, in car, at university, at work place, simply

everywhere female must face many problems from part of the society.

My Third problem is time as a girl working part time. In Afghanistan it is too hard to work part time. I am

studying half the day and if I want to work the rest of the day so I will face problem with transportation.

At the end of the day a girl cannot use city transportation and nor the society allows us to dare stay out

of the house after the end of the day.

Thank you for taking the time to hear my story and I hope it provided some insight in Afghan girls’ life.

rohila tasmim کابل Kabul, Kabul, افغانستان
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My unemployed youth journey

After still struggling to get a convenient job in terms of transport and good salary to manage my monthly expenses. I get jobs miles away from where I reside with a minimum salary, of which 75% goes straight to transport, but because I am desperate I try hard to make it work in a way that it landed me in debt and not being able to pay my debt. During my job hunting journey I went through hardship. Most companies interview process is very long, I had to attend interviews 3 times before they select the candidate they prefer, and that was a challenge because I had to hustle for money to travel up n down and end up not getting the job. I encountered most of my challenges during interview: if I don't get lost along the way, I get wet by the rain, my clothing just tore apart either in a taxi or just along the street, when I am busy reading street names trying to follow directions I end up falling down and after that I feel like crying but then I stand up dust myself and laugh about it to please my heart however being resilience has boost me to continuing being persistent no matter obstacles and challenges I faced.

My dream job is to be administrator, helping any company function very well and smooth so that it remain stable and continues to grow, while I continue to studying to acquire a relevant qualification. When I get my dream job, I will hold on to it, be faithful to it, be reliable and produce beyond my expected ability. Knowing what I went through.



A common phrase that children have is “when I grow up I would want to be .. “, and of course I said it in my childhood.

My name is Mary, I have two cute sisters and a funny brother, my father is a bus driver and my mother is a housewife she has a small restaurant in our house that she loves it a lot, they both are hard workers. I’m from Guatemala City, it is one of the 7 countries located in Central America, to be specific I live in a small and nice town called Santiago, you can see the sunrise behind beautiful mountains every day, people are humble and friendly, unfortunately there aren’t job opportunities because the majority of people work in farms, so if people want to improve their life they have to do to travel for two or three hours from our town to the city to get a better job.

When I was a child I dreamt of having a big house, with a fantastic pool and a big garden with all kinds of flowers, I also dreamt of being a professional person, my cousins and I played doctors, engineers or firefighters when we were little because with hoped for an amazing future, but when we grew up we noticed our bad reality, in my case when I finished elementary school I had to quit my studies for two years because my father couldn’t pay high school. So I helped my mother with her small restaurant, after that I continued my studies until I got my high school diploma, so my next goal was to go to the university and to continue working on my dream but again money was an obstacle to achieve that, so I needed a job to pay my studies but to get a job here in Guatemala is so difficult if you find a job the payment is bad. I heard about a foundation which works with a call center called Telus International they both give opportunities to young people who want to learn English, it seemed like a good idea to me. I did all the process and I applied for it. So I have been studying English for 13 months now, I finished my first month to study English in the Telus University two weeks ago, that is because Telus is helping me to improve my English level, and after that they can hire me. I am really happy to receive that great opportunity from Telus. Although the process has not been easy, my motivation is to one day earn enough money to help my family specially my father who is always working very hard to give his family a better life, also to pay some debts that he has when he got sick, he sometimes looks tired, I don’t like to see him that way. I would like to see him happy and enjoying his life. Another reason why I want to work is to build a nice restaurant for my mother because she sells food in front of my house and my parents can continue working because I know in the future they could not do that and so I want to help them just like how they are helping me now and that is possible with a good job. Finally I would like to invest in my education and my siblings education too because I want to them to have good education and to be successful in life.

Cleme Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala


I am Oscar Oliberto Chicop Choxin and currently I am 20 years old.

My story about learning English started around two years ago, that was when I was studying my last year in high school, I did my best there and I thank God I graduated.

I wanted to continue studying in the university but that It was going to be a little difficult for me because my dad told me that if I wanted to study more, I needed to work or do something to get some money and study, he did that because I turned 18 and he could not support me anymore because he needs to support all of my family and my family is big, I have seven brothers and 4 sisters, two of them are already married and three siblings older that me are working and studying but when my dad gave me those news I got a little disappointed because I did not know where to find a job or what to do to get money to continue studying, so I was going to give up, but one of my oldest brothers told me if I wanted to study English he was going to support me to pay the course, so I got happy because of that, that was in the year 2014, gladly I found a job in that year I worked as a music teacher in a korean foundation (that is a program from Korea, that helps many charities in the town where I live which is called Santiago Sacatepequez, in that town there are not many opportunities to study, so they try to support about 350 children by giving them some scholarships or material which they can work at school and that program helped me a lot because of the opportunity that they gave me, so in that year, 2014, I seriously thought about studying English and since that time I saved up money as much as I could because I searched for some English academies but they were so expensive and I wanted to study that, why? Because my brother told me that if I study English it can open many doors for me that also is going to bring many advantages to me in the future and I could pay my university, I could also help my family and do so many things. I worked so hard to get some money and a year later I entered in an academy, that was last year in 2015, first I entered in an English course here in the country where I live, Guatemala, ( this is an amazing country located in Central America next to Mexico and El salvador, the main language is Spanish, I mean It is super amazing because of the environment and people, everybody is friendly, It has 22 towns, the country is not too big but It has so many people living in it, that is why the economy is not too good and also that is why I wanted to study English because I could increase my opportunities and later become a professional, that motivated me to study hard.

I just entered in the academy in January. I started to do my best but that was so difficult for me because I needed to start the course. My schedule at work was from 8:00 AM through 5:00 PM, but I always woke up at 6:00 AM to study English and when I came back home in the afternoon I relaxed for around 20 minutes and I continued to study, but sometimes I felt so tired and I did not want to do more things because of that, but I gave all my effort. Around June, I heard about an English academy in the town where I live and that was a foundation, that is called Juan Francisco Garcia Comparini (It is a foundation created approximately 5 years ago and helps charities) and they give some scholarships to study English, It is an intense course because It is from Monday to Friday, 5 hours daily) and I really wanted to increase my knowledge in English, so I applied for that course, I started to study there at the end of June but It was so difficult for me because after classes, which finished at 1:00 PM, I needed to run home and eat something and go to work in the same job, in the Korean Foundation, I worked there from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM after that when I got home I needed to do my homework and practice as much as I can to improve it, I studied for around 5 hours at night, that was my routine around seven months and studying there I heard about an amazing company called Telus (It is one of the best companies , call center, here in Guatemala which gives customer service in English to many countries) Telus provides many opportunities to people, even if people do not have any job experience, they offer training to people, the only requisite is to know English. 60% minimum to enter, so I just heard that and I started to study more than usual and I went to some interviews there last December but I could not apply because my English was not high but I did my best in that month. It also took me some days of January and then I tried to apply in the middle of January, I received wonderful news, that I had passed the interview and they were going to give me a super intense course to improve my English skills and after the course I could get a good job , I have just started that course, I started at the end of January, they gave me 50 days to get a higher English level.

It has not been easy because Telus is located in the city and where I live it is a little far, over 40 miles and that takes me around two hours going by bus, So I need to wake up at 4:30 AM every single day to start my class at 7:00 AM and finish it at 4:00 PM, I get home around 6:00 PM, I get tired at home but I need to do my homework and study more to increase my abilities. Now I am on my 33rd day and I feel that I have improved a lot, I am doing my best to get an awesome Job, It is going to help me in many things such as: continuing with my studies in the university and helping my family, helping each one of my siblings to achieve their goals. First of all, I want to work in this company “Telus” because it offers good opportunities such as: growing personally and professionally. My biggest dream has been to study systems engineering and then work as an engineer, I really love technology and I think getting a big opportunity like the one Telus offers is everything I could ask for.

At last, I am studying English too because I would like to help people who do not have many opportunities and support them whenever I can, I think helping each other can help us grow easily.

Oscar Oliberto Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala
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My name is Alfredo, I am 25 years old and I come from Guatemala in Central America, but to be more specific, I live in a beautiful village called San Jose Pacul, 30 kilometers from Guatemala city, near Santiago Sacatepequez, Guatemala. I’m a person who has many goals and dreams in life but I have to face many challenges in this long process of being someone successful. I’m a farmer and I like growing some vegetables in the fields. I have a wonderful small family. I live with my father and with one of my brothers , we always support each other.

Being a farmer is very difficult to stand out and to get success in Guatemala nowadays, why? the prices of fresh vegetables have never been good enough for years, and the chemicals for vegetables are very expensive, we sometimes can’t pay for them, that makes us face hard moments, but we haven’t given up, specially in the worst moments, I have had a difficult lifestyle and I want to change it not just for myself but for my entire family too. I have always wanted to get a great job where I can learn more about working with people and help them doing my best, a job where I can earn a good salary to help my family, to get the tools and the values that will help me to be a successful person, but at the beginning I didn’t know how and where to start looking for it. In 2015 I decided to start learning the English language for twelve months in a foundation called Juan Francisco García Comparini that is located near my village. This foundation works by giving English scholarships to people who graduated from high school and haven’t gotten a job, furthermore it gives us the opportunity to have job interviews in one of the most important English call centers to work in Guatemala, in Telus International Guatemala. TELUS International is a call center that provides global contact center and business services. Since I started learning English, my life has been harder than before because I have had to travel every single day from my home to the academy, leaving my father who is 65 years old working alone in the field and I can’t help him anymore, that’s sad for me. Now I’m studying in Telus International University (TIU) to improve my English skills more and know more about how to be a great customer service representative. TIU is an English course given by Telus to improve someone’s English skills. When i heard about Telus International I have been interested in getting a job there, it has been my dream job since that moment. I arrive to TIU at 6:15 every day, although arriving early very difficult for me, I know it’s important to be to be on time in our lives. I always get up at 3:30 to take bus at 4 o’clock, but in my village there aren’t enough busses and I have to expose myself when I have to take the bus because there are always many people waiting for the bus, It’s difficult for me to go to TIU every day because I don’t have enough money to travel, although it’s a hard challenge for me I’m doing my best to go after my dream job which is to work for Telus International as a great employee who does a great job.

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