What's your dream job in business?

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Being a Teenpreneur is my dream job!

Hi! My name is Eva Baker. I founded TeensGotCents.com three years ago when I was sixteen. The website is all about personal finance issues for teens. We talk about how to go to college debt free, how to get a great part time job, shopping smart and getting great deals, and how teens can start their own business. Learning how to manage money well early in life can help teens reach their goals and dreams much earlier!

Another goal I have is to bring teen entrepreneurs together to help and support each other as entrepreneurs. For those of us who are too young to get a regular type job, owning our own business is a great way to earn extra money and be 'employed'. Being a business owner is one of the solutions to teen unemployment, in my opinion. This summer I am hosting The Teenpreneur Conference to bring teens together from all over to learn to start a business or grow one they already have, build a community who supports every member, and have a little fun along the way! You can find all the details at TheTeenpreneur.com.

I am so grateful to have my dream job and I can't wait to see what teens can accomplish by working together! Thanks for letting me tell my story! (This post was submitted by The GroundTruth Project via an email submission by Eva Baker.)

groundtruth · Duval County, Florida, United States of America
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What's your dream job in business?

Entrepreneur? Stock broker? Accountant? Attorney? Judge? Tell us about your dream job. Is anything standing in the way? Or, if you already have your dream job, tell us about your journey to get it.

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