What is your dream job in politics or advocacy?

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Inspired Dreamer

Hi. I am Fatima Nicole and I am from the Technological Institute of the Philippines. And I’m the type of person who lives the simplest of life but dreams the scariest of dreams. I am so motivated to do and achieve things which are beyond my limitations. And there is this one thing that really keeps me going – inspiration. This is the one word that caused millions of spectacular ideas that caused great plans that caused creative movements that caused dreamers, such as I. I am so driven that I have so many plans in my life. Today I study for my profession as a Civil Engineer but I don’t want to limit myself from dreaming other jobs. I mean, I want to be a cook, a teacher, a flight attendant, a preacher, and of course, a prestigious interior designer. And I will be, all of those, someday. Our capabilities are endless. Proven that we are imperfect, mean that we just keep on learning and growing endlessly. And the more we do, the more we realize that we really can be whatever we want to be, and the more we want to encourage other people to be driven by that same thought. The thought that nothing, as in nothing, is impossible.

But perhaps, if the person was never fed by that kind of thinking, it might be the very hindrance that will stop them from pursuing their dreams. I personally, sought the biggest problem I have ever been through with regards to achieving my dreams, and that is the lack of inspiration. Nothing in this brutal world, as big as it is, can ever really desist us. Every day I witness other people go through this same problem. Our system lack of teaching students that even if we are aided academically and even financially, the most important element, still, is our mentality of being driven and being inspired.

And so, my dream job is to be someone that will encourage people, especially the youth, those within my reach, to become inspired dreamers.

Fatima Nicole Intal ·
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What is your dream job in politics or advocacy?

Activist? Youth advocate? Case worker? Lobbyist? Politician? Tell us about your dream job. Is anything standing in the way? Or, if you already have your dream job, tell us about your journey to get it.

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