Is college worth the cost?

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Was my college education worth the cost?

Wow! This question itself gives the answer. Was it really worth it?

The 10+ years of schooling, two years of college, three years degree and then post-graduations, diploma’s and MBA’s. Was all this really worth it?

And the thing that hurts is, the quality of education is decreasing and the cost is increasing.

People feel degree holders earn much more than non-degree holder’s right?

Well, yeah. Sort of. But again, all that we learn is hardly used in the real world.

With only theoretical knowledge and no practical knowledge, how are people going to pay back to all the money they have spent on education.

Even after all the education, half students end up in call centres as they need to make ends meet.

It’s not worth it. All the money, all the trouble, all the effort sometimes is not worth the amount we spend.

There is a need to change the system, because people don’t mind spending on things that will actually benefit in future. So its best to give them the education that will help them get fruits out of the seeds they have sown.

Karen Noronha ·
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Is college worth the cost?

Was your college education worth the cost? Do you think it will pay off?

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