Is college worth the cost?

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Graduating with a Debt

I think my education will one day pay off since as a millennia with all the challenges we are facing it is very important to be an optimist. Though two years have already passed since i graduated and a lot of those who were in my class who i am still in touch with are struggling to get jobs. Majority are not looking for jobs that align with their education since many have given up and stories of starting business while they can not get a loan and support since their names are already in the Credit Bureau.

This year something came to mind and i started thinking about my dream job like how will be able to get back to where i think i am supposed to be. So as i was thinking of my dream job, i saw a scholarship opportunity and decided to apply. I was sure of getting a scholarship but i gave it all. I traveled to my high school first to get my high school certificate which was necessary for me to get my university certificate. Since i could not call off a day at way and i could afford a flight to Arusha i decided to take a night mini bus that was going with news papers to Arusha. I used the same on its way back to Dar es salaam.

The first is went back to my University and get my certificate. I went with my transcript believing that it will easier for me to get my certificate since i had already finished clearence when i finished school. After getting there this time i was told there was an amount of money that i did not clear.

Before clearing it i decided to go back to the Higher Education Students Loan Board and make sure that the claims from my University were right. At the Board i was given a statement of my students loan. The statement wanted me to pay $4,000. One might say this is not a lot of money but with average salary of $220, it might take so much time to pay the loan. I am not saying every graduate start with such salary but majority does.

So since then i decide to give $20 a month to the board but also this is not sustainable since sometimes the money i receive at the end of the month is not enough. You get at the end of the month with a debt more than the salary. I sometimes wonder why did they put the interest. I am lucky but there are fellows who are unemployed and have nothing but a debt.

FrankKessy1 · Mabibo Farasi, Mabibo, Dar es Salaam, Coastal, 6351, Tanzania
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Is college worth the cost?

Was your college education worth the cost? Do you think it will pay off?

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