The change in generations

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Lifestyle: the change from what was

Several scientists argue that the earth’s rotational speed is slowing down every passing year, and several sociologists argue that society is moving faster every passing day. The world is shrinking, yet my parents socialise more than I do, while I, on the other hand, “chat” with more people than they’ve met in their lives. I feel this is the primary difference between what my life will be from what my parent’s’ lives have been.

My life will be more dependant on technology, and by its help I will accomplish tasks faster. This in turn will allow me to produce more than what my parents did in terms of work output. Although, compared to my parents, my social connections will be more and scattered across the globe, my meetings will mostly be virtual/digital rather than physical.

While my parents conditioned their lives under the influence of television and radio, my life will depend more on the internet, smart mobile phones and computers.

I will have a faster life with easier access to commercial resources; however, my life will be challenged with disease threats due to increased pollution. Basic resources like water will become an expensive commodity with less available and my world is more likely to become less community- based.

I will have a more comfortable lifestyle but at the same time it will be bundled with trials.

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The change in generations

How do you think your life will be different from your parents' lives?

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