The change in generations

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Story of two generations

At the very outset, while establishing the different life-path I will follow, I want to say that my life will be more stable. And it will be so because of my parents.

My parents brought me up in a very stable environment where they ensured that I had unfailing emotional support. They ensured this irrespective of the hour of the day or the trouble they, themselves, were in at that point in time.

They ensured that my career aspirations weren’t muzzled because of my gender. Despite being born in a conservative household, my parents have nurtured a spirit of curiosity in me. In addition, they inspired me to courageously question unjustified actions even beyond my circle of comfort.

All these points together have made my life different from the life my parents had to lead.

Furthermore, the current availability of work opportunities and personal financing tools will help me plan for a more secure life. While the technological limitations of their time have troubled my parents as they settle in the digital world, it has given me a wider range of options and guidance that are aligned to my purpose. With digitisation, my life will become fast-paced, which is different from the days of my parents.

The changing climatic patterns will create problems that my parents haven’t faced so far. The must-haves will change from food, clothing and shelter to Internet, power bank and plastic money. This change in priority might further isolate us millennials from my parents’ generation who stayed together in closely knit communities.

Cherry Agarwal ·
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The change in generations

How do you think your life will be different from your parents' lives?

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