The change in generations

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Resilience and acceptance

My parents grew up breathing fresh, unadulterated air. They picked fruit and vegetables from their garden. They did not have to ration water. A clear view of the Milky Way, on a winter night, was not a luxury for them. They had streets where they could walk without fear of being run over. They also knew more birds by sight than I have learned in my lifetime.

My parents also had to wait in queues for baby food. They waited 20 years for a telephone connection. They lost relatives to meningitis and pox.

I can never go back and live the life they lived; but neither can they. What I can do is try to preserve some of the positive experiences in memory or in practice to make sure that the next generation can enjoy the best of them.

My world is under immense conflict. There are more wars than ever before. My world is also more connected. I don't have to wait a week to get news from a different part of the world.

In short, I'll be facing different challenges compared to what they faced. Resilience, however, is something I have learned from them. I hope to use that knowledge to my benefit to survive in the future. We're human, that's what we do.

Romita Majumdar ·
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The change in generations

How do you think your life will be different from your parents' lives?

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