The change in generations

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For the love of what you love

The picture I have attached says everything about why and how my life will be different from my parents. I grew up in one of the more conservative states in India, where - for no fault of anyone's, taking risks is loathed. That is why today my dad works in a bank and my mum teaches math. That is why I studied to become an engineer throughout my undergraduate. That is why most of my classmates from college will go on to pursue an MBA degree. That is why my life will be different.

Let's face it, to tell everyone at home that I wanted to be a journalist was a challenge. It was met with responses ranging from, "There is no money in journalism" to "You might get killed, don't do that." But my parents were adamant that I should not be run-of-the-mill. So, here I am, pursuing a post-graduate degree in multimedia journalism.

That is why, on a rather pleasant December night in Bangalore, I was sitting in the office of a leading Indian sports website and doing live commentary on a game happening a few thousand miles away in southern Germany.

Eventually, my life will revolve around what my dad once told me: "I did not do what I loved - playing cricket - and it is a challenge to go to office every day. You will do what you love."

And what I love is sports. What I love is writing. What I love will hopefully forever be my profession. That is how my life will be different from my parents and in many ways, it will be because of my parents.

Aaditya Narayan ·
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The change in generations

How do you think your life will be different from your parents' lives?

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