The change in generations

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Life is about changes

My parents have been through a lot of struggle and today they are successful and honest only because of their hard work and dedication. Speaking about how different my life will be from parents’ lives, I think that my parents never had the luxury to decide things for themselves, nor did they have a strong financial background to meet their needs and ambitions. But, I have the luxury to craft my dreams and build a castle of my own. My parents back then never thought of doing something big, but now with all the facilities provided to me, I have always dreamt of achieving big things.

My life will be comfortable because of the comfort provided to me by my parents. Not only this, in terms of lifestyle and education, I have received more and hence I will be able to give it back to society by doing my bit. My parents are educated enough, but they couldn’t pursue their dreams because of a lack of financial support. But having enough financial support myself, I would like to make my parents proud by doing whatever I am best at.

In terms of quality, I will lead a better life and will see to it that I provide that luxury and comfort to my parents because they truly deserve in every aspect.

yogita chainani ·
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The change in generations

How do you think your life will be different from your parents' lives?

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