The change in generations

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The shackles of the decay

Go to school, graduate, go to university, graduate, get a job, be successful, find someone to love, get married, raise your children, age, and peacefully die in the end of all this with the intense sensation of the prideful satisfaction. This basic outline of one’s good life dictated by the modern set of morals has been remaining unchanged for almost hundred years. My grandparents went through this, my parents went through this, and I am going through this right now. Unless the major breakthrough in norms of appropriate social behavior happens, my children and my grandchildren will strive to achieve the same goals I’m trying to achieve. But there is no chance our results will be the same. As human beings, we are changing the world with just the simple fact of our presence, and the end result is determining conditions in which population of the specific region and the humanity itself will be trying to achieve set in stone values. The world has changed since my parents were my age, and those changes had the positive effect. However, even if the world has changed to the best, nothing can change the past and the immense influence it has on one’s personality. I am no exception. I never had to fight for my on life as my parents, living in collapsed USSR, had to, I never lived in poverty, and I never had to bleed defying the rules of the society I’m living in. But I do know what it feels like because I grew up watching my parents doing this time and time again. I have a better foundation in my life, my starting point is higher and I can go further than my parents ever could, my life will be different from theirs in billions of minor aspects I can’t even imagine. But my memories from long ago like shackles will alway force me to look back to the decaying reality of Russian nineties, so I won't forget where I’m coming from and truths I learned back then will stay with me forever. This will never change, nor for me, nor for my parents, and it will always force us do behave the exact same way even if the world around is different.

NGgreen · Suffolk County, Massachusetts, United States of America
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The change in generations

How do you think your life will be different from your parents' lives?

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